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The Theology Department provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for reasoned reflection on their own values, faith, and tradition, as well as on the religious forces that shape our society and world. The Department’s five primary areas of research include biblical studies, comparative theology, history of Christianity, systematic theology, and theological ethics.

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Lay and religious students from around the world form our diverse community—one that represents a range of ages, interests, and experiences. Explore some of their stories.


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Studying Theology at BC: World-Class Breadth & Depth

Boston College is a world-class center of theological study, comprising both the Theology Department and a dedicated School of Theology and Ministry (STM). Students in each have access to courses and faculty in both entities—enhancing the breadth and depth of theological study at BC. Combined, the Theology Department and STM represent the nation's largest theological faculty.

The Theology Department houses the University's undergraduate and doctoral programs in theology as well as a Joint M.A. in Philosophy and Theology. 

STM hosts master's and certificate programs in theology and ministry, as well as a sequence of ecclesiastical degrees (STB, STL, and STD) and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in theology and education.

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