B.S./M.S. Program

Boston College Biology students involved in undergraduate research have the opportunity to apply for a 5 Year B.S./M.S. program.

Interested students apply during their junior year and would begin coursework for the program in their senior year. Students would be awarded the M.S. degree after one and one-half years of graduate work and fulfilling all requirements. The M.S. includes the completion of a thesis based on original research. Students are expected to stay in the same lab as their undergraduate research lab to complete their M.S. thesis research, so research rotations are not required.

Please note there is no guarantee that the University or Department will supply funding or tuition remission to B.S./M.S. students. Students who are interested in applying should be able to secure funding through either personal funds, federal financial aid, or other outside funding.

M.S. recipients are not eligible to apply for the Boston College Ph.D. Program.