Summer Professional Development Program

The Biology Department offers a comprehensive and valuable summer professional development program for undergraduate researchers.  The program caters to students with varying levels of experience.  Providing students with both practical lab skills and exposure to important aspects of their future academic and professional careers is a great way to prepare them for success.  Experienced instructors and lab supervisors provide hands-on training and mentorship to the students. We believe that experienced mentors can make a significant difference in a student's learning experience.  

We offer several Professional Development events which include the graduate school application process, grad student life, and career options. These are essential aspects of a student's academic and professional journey.  Additionally, we invite professionals from various fields, including academia and industry, to give talks and share their insights with the students. This can help students gain a broader perspective on their career options.  The department also facilitates a weekly networking event where students can interact with faculty and graduate students. Networking is crucial for building connections that can benefit them in the future. 

We have created a system for students to provide feedback on the program.  We will use this feedback to improve and tailor the program to their needs and expectations.  Our goal is to help undergraduate researchers gain the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.