Faculty Research Sites

Altindis Lab

The Altindis Lab works to characterize the effects of viral insulin/IGF-1-like peptides on the insulin/IGF system and host-pathogen interactions, and determine the role of the gut microbiome and microbiome-derived metabolites in Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

Das Lab

The Das Lab investigates the intricate regulatory patterns that enable cells to attain proper cell shape and divide efficiently.

Fofana Lab

The Fofana Lab integrates vaccine development techniques, immune profiling assays, and next-generation genomic technologies to better understand antibody expression and immune responses to viral pathogenesis.

Johnson Lab

The Johnson Lab takes its cues from evolutionary biology, with an emphasis on understanding how viruses have driven evolution of host genes, and at the same time, asking how our molecular defenses influence evolution of the viruses that surround and infect us.

Losick Lab

The Losick Lab takes advantage of the ease and power of the Drosophila melanogaster (commonly known as the fruit fly) to understand the basic mechanisms of tissue repair.

McMenamin Lab

The McMenamin Lab explores fundamental questions about evolution and biomedicine using the powerful zebrafish model.

The Momeni Lab

The Momeni Lab studies the ecology and evolution of microbial communities using quantitative and systems biology approaches to develop a better mechanistic understanding of important community processes to enable strategies for controlling community structure and function.