Core Facilities

The Research Core Facilities serve as a shared resource for the research community, offering a wide range of services including technical support, high end instrumentation, and education. The Core Facilities are committed to enhancing and expanding the collaborative capabilities of the research teams. In addition to the following core facilities, we also have shared equipment. 

Imaging Facility

The shared Boston College imaging facility has 712 sq. ft. of space within Higgins Hall, the physics and biology building completed in 2002 on the main campus of BC.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry uses fluorescent probes to identify and characterize cells or particles in suspension (e.g. cells, nuclei or chromosomes) by virtue of size, granularity and fluorescence (auto-fluorescence or fluorescence after immunolabelling or staining).

Bioinformatics Server

Featuring 26 Dell PowerEdge compute nodes with either 8 or 16 GB of RAM, with a aggregate CPU core count of 136, cluster file server with 7 TB of usable space, and more.

Cleanroom & Nanofabrication Facility

Open to both Boston College and External Users, this laboratory is home to over 30 high-end micro and nanoscale instrumentation systems worth several million dollars.