Latinx Leadership Initiative

The Latinx Leadership Initiative (LLI) prepares students to work with Latinx individuals, families, and communities in the U.S. and around the world from a strengths-based perspective. Through the LLI, students develop a nuanced understanding of Latinx populations, the challenges they face in accessing equitable education, social services, and healthcare, and the most effective interventions to overcome these challenges.

The LLI incorporates coursework, research, field placements, mentoring, training in self-advocacy, and career development. Five courses are offered exclusively in Spanish, and students are required to take at least one.

LLI Courses

Taught in Spanish

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Meet the Team

Rocio Calvo

Rocío Calvo

Founding Director

Founding Director of the LLI, Rocío Calvo strives to prepare students to work effectively in underserved communities. An Associate Professor of Global Practice and Health & Mental Health, she believes social workers need to be more nuanced in how they understand different cultural experiences in the U.S.


Ximena Soto

Ximena Soto

Assistant Director of Field Education

As Assistant Director of Field Education, Ximena Soto creates opportunities for MSW students to apply what they learn in the classroom. She fosters relationships with Latinx service providers across Greater Boston and connects students to placements.


Celia Arias Piña

Celia Arias Piña

Program Assistant, Latinx Leadership Initiative

From helping with applications to organizing events and answering a variety of student questions, Celia Arias Piña assists with the day-to-day aspects of the LLI.

Latinx Leadership Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

Stronger Together

Students participating in the LLI form tight-knit cohorts that support their success within and beyond the classroom.