Trauma Integration Initiative

The Trauma Integration Initiative is a strategic effort to integrate trauma-informed theory, principles, and practice into the curriculum, field education, and research.


National thought leadership in trauma-informed social work education across three domains:


Field education & student formation


Our Work

Recent Accomplishments

  • Major curriculum reforms lead to an infusion of cutting-edge trauma research and theories. 
  • Held 2 major racial trauma events to open dialogue within SSW and the university on new pathways to understanding and disrupting racial trauma
  • Developed year-long Trauma Learning community focused on student formation and self-care practices for managing vicarious trauma.
  • Engaged in first scholarly review benchmarking trauma initiatives within field departments at over 800 schools of social work across the nation. . 
  • Implementing trauma-informed advising within field education.

Trauma Certificate


Students obtained the trauma certificate last year

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