Faculty Directory

Yvonne Castañeda

Part-Time Faculty

Director of Community-Based Initiatives


Yvonne Castañeda is the director of Community-based Initiatives and a part-time faculty member at the BC School of Social Work. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Florida International University, and a Master of Social Work from Boston College, where she was a proud member of the Latinx Leadership Initiative. 

Yvonne is a trauma-focused therapist certified in EMDR. She has worked primarily with Latinx individuals, couples, and families, to help them navigate relational conflict and improve overall mental and emotional health. In addition to her private practice, Yvonne regularly facilitates mental health and empowerment workshops for adults yearning to better understand themselves and their loved ones, both in Massachusetts and across the nation.  

Yvonne serves on the Board of Directors for two Boston-based non-profit organizations: North Suffolk Community Services and Doc Wayne, and she is a contributing writer for Psychology Today.