To have the greatest impact, it is crucial that our curriculum, field placements, and research be informed through collaboration with the people they are meant to serve. Our initiatives encourage our students to develop a more nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by specific populations, so they can move us closer to solutions.

Black Leadership Initiative
<p>The BLI supports, develops, and prepares practitioners to address issues faced by the Black community. The Afrocentric approach to social work practice emphasizes community, collective action, and cultural context. BLI students take courses on the African diaspora and are assigned field placements with Black communities.</p>
Latinx Leadership Initiative
<p>The LLI strives to develop social work leaders equipped to work with the Latinx community on sustainable solutions to problems such as access to equitable education, social services, and healthcare. Students develop a nuanced understanding of these issues through internships, research, and coursework.</p>
Trauma Integration Initiative
<p>This strategic effort aims to integrate trauma-informed theory, principles, and practice into curriculum, field education, and research. This initiative addresses the impact of trauma on individuals, families, and communities and prepares students to help their clients deal with trauma as well as to guard themselves against its effects.</p>

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