Admitted Students


At the beginning of the fall semester the department will organize a series of events to help students learn about the learning and research activities in the department. This includes a Graduate Orientation and research seminars by faculty aimed at senior undergraduates and first year graduate students. Upon arriving at Boston College students will be assigned an academic adviser from among the faculty. This faculty member will remain their adviser throughout their time at BC and will serve as an independent resource to guide them in their studies.

First Three Years

The first two years of the graduate program lay the foundation for future success. The graduate courses in the first year lay a solid foundation in physics and prepare the student for the Comprehensive Exam. The second year courses help introduce the student to more specific topics that will be useful in their research. Ultimately the primary goal of the Ph.D. is to gain the skills necessary to successfully perform and explain research in physics. As such students should seek to find a research adviser early. An outline of a sample schedule for the first three years is below.

Year 1
Classical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics I
Mathematical Physics I
Electromagnetic Theory I
Quantum Mechanics II
Statistical Physics I
Physics Graduate Seminar Spring
Start Research
Comprehensive Exam
Year 2
Statistical Physics II
Elective 1 (e.g. Solid State I)
Physics Graduate Seminar Fall
Elective 2 (e.g. Solid StateĀ  II)
Elective 3
Research Proposal Exam
Year 3
Elective 4
Spring Summer