Graduate Program

Students walking to Higgins Hall

Every year, the Boston College Department of Physics welcomes approximately ten new students into its graduate program. They pursue Ph.D. and Masters degrees in various theoretical and experimental research programs including:

  • Photonics and Plasmonics
  • Strongly Correlated Materials and Unconventional Superconductivity
  • Renewable Energy Materials (Thermoelectrics, Photovoltaics, Hydrogen Fuel Cells)
  • Topological Materials
  • Biological Physics, Neuroscience
  • 2D Atomic Crystals and Thin Films
  • Quantum Information Science

BC graduates have gone on to successful careers in a broad range of fields within as well as outside of physics including, among others, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. Please find a partial list of our recent alumni. Students are prepared for a wide range of careers including academic research, teaching, and industry. The unique environment of the BC Physics department is focused on a highly collaborative approach, with students forming a vital part of the community. In addition to working with BC physics faculty, students have access to cutting edge facilities and often work in integrated science teams with faculty from Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, or neighboring institutions.

All students in good standing are fully supported financially, with opportunities to start research as early as the summer preceding their first year. Students in good standing receive full financial support in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships, health insurance as well as tuition remission, which covers the full cost of tuition.