To declare the Biology Minor please contact the Biology Office (Higgins 355).

For more information regarding the Biology Minor please visit the Biology Office, Higgins 355 (617-552-3540).



  • BIOL 2000  Molecules & Cells
  • BIOL 2010  Ecology & Evolution
  • Additional Biology Electives and Labs numbered 3000 and above to reach a total of 18 Biology Credits. Three of these additional biology courses must be at least three credits each.  BIOL 2040 (Investigations in Molecular Cell Biology Lab) or BIOL 2300 (Biostatistics) may also be used.

NOTE: Some biology courses may have pre-requisites that may not be applied towards the 18 credits required for the minor.

In accordance with A&S policy, a student may count no more than ONE course towards a major and minor.