Explore. Challenge. Connect.

Outdoor Adventures is a BC Recreation Center program that includes the indoor climbing wall, outdoor equipment rentals, student-led outdoor trips and leadership development—with plenty of opportunities to collaborate. Find out more about our programs and how to get involved by emailing outdoor@bc.edu or drop by our office during our open hours. 

The OA Mission: Outdoor Adventures supports all members of the Boston College community in getting outdoors safely and skillfully in order to be active, grow through challenges, build community, and care for the earth. 

The Northeast is home to landscapes, weather, and ecology that has inspired rugged adventure, some of America’s most influential nature writing, and the interweaving of the outdoors into daily life. From within the Boston metropolitan area to wilderness areas, there are many worlds to explore in the Northeast. How will you adventure?

Core Values

  • Safety. Participating in physical activity and in outdoor activities incurs significant risks. While risk-taking and risk management are valuable components of outdoor programming and training, it is fundamental to our pursuit of outdoor activities to only take appropriate risks and to learn how to say “not today.” We use dynamic risk management and work to build a safety-minded culture in order to prevent unnecessary injury and loss.
  • Skill Development. We believe that by becoming skilled individually and as groups in outdoor environments, we will become more able to adapt to challenges and participate in lifelong activity. Wonder. The outdoor world is full of wonders, including who we become while being part of it. By being open and pursuing curiosity, we are able to find joy and surprises where we may not have expected. 
  • Wonder. The outdoor world is full of wonders, including who we become while being part of it. By being open and pursuing curiosity, we are able to find joy and surprises where we may not have expected.
  • Diversity. The outdoors include many challenges—like gravity, cold, wet, and altitude—that require teamwork. We not only aim to support access to the outdoors to a diverse array of people; we also believe that having diverse teams (including in background, experience, personality, skill, and perspective) is critical to moving through difficult environments. 
  • Community. People are where the fun is, and fun is essential! Whether we are having a challenging day or a relaxing one, we want to spend time with others and in mutual support. Individual responsibility and leadership is important, as is accepting support from others. 

Find out more about OA’s programs:

  • The Indoor Climbing Wall
    • See up-to-date hours for drop-in bouldering below
    • Climbing shoes included with Rec Center membership and day passes
  • Equipment Rentals
    • Available to all BC community members, including both Rec Center members and non-members
  • Trips
    • Register for trips here
    • Day trips are open to all undergraduate and graduate students
    • Overnight trips are currently only available to undergraduate students
  • Trip Leader Cooperative (“The Co-Op”)
    • The Co-Op is a group of undergraduate trip leaders who lead off-campus trips and community events
    • The Co-Op is the core of Outdoor Adventures and organizes leadership training for its members, as well as on-campus and off-campus outdoor events to both increase outdoor skills of the general BC community and provide opportunities to get outside in small groups. 
    • Co-Op Leaders organize and lead trips for the BC community while adhering to high standards of safety and risk management, preparation, and care for others and the earth. The Co-Op meets throughout the year so that every leader can continue to improve their skills. 
    • Become a Co-Op Leader! 
      • All Co-Op members must apply to, be selected for, and pass the annual Spring Leader’s Course, which is available to all BC undergraduates. Co-Op membership is contingent upon:
        • 1) selection following an application and interview process, 
        • 2) successful completion of the Leader’s Course, and 
        • 3) adherence to OA’s policies and the Co-Op’s membership agreement.