ITS supports Google Meet and Zoom for video conferences.

Video conferencing services allow participants to connect with others by accessing a unique web link on their mobile device or computer, or if necessary attendees can join via a phone number for audio only.

Google Meet

Google Meet can support video calls for up to 100 participants using your BC Google account.


Zoom is a web conferencing tool that allows you to conduct live online conferences, presentations, lectures, meetings, and group chats. Zoom works on Mac and Windows desktop and laptop computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and can connect to anyone internal or external to Boston College.

Boston College has provided all students, faculty, & staff with BC Zoom Licensed accounts. Licensed Zoom accounts allow for 300 attendees in all Zoom meeting rooms. If you anticipate more attendees or need webinar capabilities, you will need to purchase your own license under the BC domain by contacting your TC.


Licensed Zoom accounts were purchased in response to the move to online classes & work. Renewal beyond Feb. 2021 has not yet been determined. Where possible, the use of Google Meet is encouraged.

Installing Zoom

Before you install Zoom: Make sure your device meets Zoom system requirements and if you're using a computer that you have a webcam, microphone, and speakers.

Important: Make sure to update Zoom when prompted (it's not automatic).

Zoom Security Features

  • All attendees will be required to log into Zoom before they can join a BC meeting (see Figure 1). This acts as a barrier against unwelcome participants.
    This meeting is for authorized attendees only message
    Figure 1.

  • All students, faculty, & staff have BC Zoom Licensed accounts. If they do not log in with their BC credentials (i.e. personal Google/Zoom account), they will be placed in a waiting room until the meeting organizer admits them.
  • Anyone trying to access a BC session without BC credentials (such as a guest speaker) will be placed in a waiting room until the meeting organizer admits them.
  • Anyone calling into a meeting by phone, will be treated as a guest, and will need to be admitted by the meeting organizer. Keep this in mind if you are joining by phone.


Activating Your BC Zoom Licensed Account

  1. Make sure you "sign out" of the Zoom app (do not just close the browser).
  2. Go to & click Sign in.
  3. On the BC sign in page, use your BC credentials (same as Agora Portal, Canvas).
    Note: If you previously used your email address to create a personal Zoom account, you will be prompted to “switch” your account to the official BCCTE Zoom account. Follow the prompts to switch.
  4. To confirm you have activated your BC account: On your Zoom Profile page, the User Type will say "Licensed."
  5. Click the Zoom class link to join with your BC Zoom Licensed account. You can also login using the instructions below.

Logging into Your BC Zoom Licensed Account

Important: Make sure to update Zoom when prompted (it's not automatic).

Why am I in the Zoom Waiting Room?

If you try to join a Zoom class/meeting and are put into a waiting room:

  • You have not logged in using your BC Zoom Licensed account. If you are using a computer or mobile device, please log in following the instructions above or you will need to be admitted by the meeting organizer.
  • You do not have BC security credentials.
  • You are calling in using a phone.
  • The meeting organizer has purposely put all attendees in the waiting room until they are ready to admit you. This option is typically used for advising, registration, office hours, or other similar meetings.