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Peoplesoft Create A Position Process

The BC Create a Position Process is a new process within PeopleSoft that allows users to initiate a new position request and submit it through an automated workflow for approval.

To reach the BC Create a Position page, select Home > Bc Custom > BC Custom > Use > BC Create a Position

BC Create a Position Search Page allows the user to:
1. View a list of open position requests
2. Select the "Inquire on Position Requests" link to show a list of all position requests approved and created, inlcuding information such as status, description and position number
3. Initiate a new position request for creation/approval


Inquire on Position Requests

This is a closer view of the link shown above, Inquire on Position Requests. This view shows a complete list of position requests as well as the assigned position numbers, if they have been created. It also provides additional information about the position such as Status, Department Number and Description.

NOTE: The user will only see the positions under their departmental row level security within PeopleSoft HR.

Another way to view this information is: Home > Bc Custom > BC Custom > Inquire> BC Create Position Inquiry



Position Details

The Position Details page is where the user will enter all the information needed to create a position request. Certain fields are marked as required and must be completed before submitting the request.

A request ID is assigned upon saving the information and displayed at the top of the page. This ID is used for inquiry throughout the approval process. The first and most important step is to select the correct position type to ensure the the proper workflow gets triggered.

 create a position picture



Request ID
ID automatically assigned by PeopleSoft when request is saved and submitted. This ID is used to track the position request throughout the process.

Create Position Status

Provides the current status of the position request and where it is in the approval process.
Position Type
Displays the types of positions. Each position type has a different workflow approval process so it is critical that the correct position type is selected. This is a required field.
Effective Date
Enter the Effective Date of requested position. This is a required field.
Link to Role Description Form
Information and a link to access the Role Description form/template on the HR Website. Role descriptions must be completed for all university/grant/administrative positions.
Job Title
Enter the Job Title for the position. This is a required field.
Enter the department number where the position is located. This is a required field.
Location Code
Defaults in when department number is entered. This is a required field.
Job Family

Enter the Job Family aligned with the position type.

Reports To Position Number
Enter the position number of who the new position will report to. This is a required field.
Recruit As
Select the radio button of how Employment should recruit the position.
Pay Group
Enter the pay group for the position. This is a required field.
Employee Type
Defaults in when pay group is entered. This is a required field.
Salary Grade/Band
Enter salary grade/band for position. This is a required field.
Enter if applicable.
Hire Salary Range
Enter if applicable.
Periods Paid
Enter periods paid for position. This is a required field.
Hours per Week
Enter hours per week for position. This is a required field.
Max Head Count
Defaults to one
Union Code
Enter if applicable.
Full/Part Time
Select the field based on the position. This is a required field.
Select the field based on the position. This is a required field.
HR Account Code
The lookup table is limited based on the departmental row level security of the user. When using the lookup table, only those account codes associated with the user's department security access will be displayed. If an HR Account Code which you wish to use does not yet exist, you must contact the Budget Office (2-3383) and ask that it be created.  Since this involves an overnight process, the HR Account Code will be available the day after the Budget Office fulfills your request.  This is a required field.
Distribution Percent
Enter the percent of the budget amount that is directed to the account code selected. If it is split-funded, another row must be inserted and a new account code/distribution percent must be entered. This is a required field.
Budget Amount
Enter the amount being budgeted from the identified account code. This is a required field.
From Date/Thru Date
Enter if applicable.
Detailed Job Description
The job description can be typed or cut/pasted into this field. This description will be saved into the Position Data panels. It will also default into the eRecruit job posting page if the job requisition needs to be posted.
Comments can be entered at any stage in the position request process. They are also displayed to the other approvers within the specific workflow along with name of the person who entered the comment, the date it was sent and the action of the user. This will allow users at any time to track the request.
Save for Later
Use this to save the information entered into the form, but is not ready to be submited through the approval workflow process.
Use submit when all information has been entered correctly and the request is ready to be sent through the approval workflow process.



The Workflow/Notification tab under BC Create a Position is used to view the required approval steps as well as where each pending position request is within the approval process. It displays who has already approved it and when it was approved.

It also provides an area for each user involved in the approval process to add one or more email addresses in order to be notified when the position has been created in Position Administration.