The departments within Human Resouces aim to service your needs and support the University's mission and values. Find a specific program, benefit, or form.

HR Departments  

BC Children's Centers
<h3>Contact</h3> <p>Karen Cristello, Director<br /> 617-552-3329<br /> <a href="mailto:karen.cristello&#64;">karen.cristello&#64;</a></p> <p><a href="/content/bc-web/offices/human-resources/policies-forms/hr-forms.html#childrens_center"><span class="btn btn-default btn-gold">BC Children&#39;s Center Main Campus Lottery Form</span></a></p>
<p>Boston College operates two children&#39;s centers. The BC Children&#39;s Center: Main Campus provides a high-quality preschool curriculum and extended daycare for children of faculty, employees, and graduate and undergraduate students. When available, spaces are also offered to neighborhood residents. <span style=" background-color: transparent; ">The BC Children&#39;s Center: Brookline Campus is located just off Route 9 in Chestnut Hill, MA. and offers high quality childcare, preschool and pre-k programs to families in the surrounding areas. </span></p>
<h3>Contact</h3> <p>Jack Burke, Director<br /> 617-552-3329<br /> <a href="mailto:bernie.okane&#64;"></a><a href="mailto:benefits&#64;">benefits&#64;</a></p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
<p>Manages the range of medical, dental, vision, and other benefits offered to Boston College employees.</p>
<h3> </h3> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Jeremiah Brault, Director<br /> 617-552-3183<br /> <a href="mailto:bernie.okane&#64;"></a><a href="mailto:benefits&#64;"></a><a href="mailto:karen.cristello&#64;"></a><a href="mailto:jeremiah.brault&#64;">jeremiah.brault&#64;</a></p>
<p>Attracts and retains qualified talent by:</p> <ul><li>Designing and administering performance management programs based on University core competencies</li><li>Implementing competitive market analyses</li><li>Conducting job analysis and staff position classification</li><li>Consulting on organizational and job design</li></ul>
Employee Development
<h3>Contact</h3> <p>Bernard R. O&#39;Kane, Director<br /> 617-552-3332<br /> <a href="mailto:bernie.okane&#64;">bernie.okane&#64;</a></p>
<p>Offers a range of workshops, services, and resources—some customized for departments. Helps you learn new things, improve job performance, and reach your full potential.</p>
Employee Relations
<p>Employee Relations handles employee complaints while helping employees navigate changes and resolve conflicts. We also provide managers with resources and support. Managers should first contact their HR Liaison within their department for guidance.&nbsp; If your department Liaison is not available, you may contact your assigned HR Officer.</p> <p><a adhocenable="false" href=""><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon">Contact Your HR Officer</span></a></p>
<p>Oversees issues related to harassment, discrimination, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.</p>
<p>Employment uses a myriad of recruitment strategies including an applicant tracking system (Cornerstone), niche job boards, social media, targeted advertising, engagement with passive candidates, as well as partnering with community organizations and training programs to match qualified applicants for open positions.</p> <p><a href="">BC Mission Videos</a><br /> </p> <h3>Contact</h3> <p>Employment<br /> 617-552-3330<br /> <a href="mailto:employment&#64;" adhocenable="false">employment&#64;</a></p>
<p>Employment is responsible for advertising, recruiting, and hiring for staff positions and the BC Temp Pool (Dining, Facilities, Administration), making job offers, approving postings, guiding managers with employee relations matters including corrective action, developing and providing guidance for policy interpretation and application, and termination. <br /> </p>
Human Resources Service Center
<h3><span style="font-weight: normal;">Our team of HRSC Representatives are happy to help you with:&nbsp;</span></h3> <ul> <li><a href="">Direct Deposit</a></li> <li>Employee Transactions (ex: name changes, payroll deductions)</li> <li>HR Records management (ex: employment verification, <a adhocenable="false" href="">W2 reprint</a>)</li> <li><a href="/content/bc-web/restricted/human-resources/Pre-Hire-Onboarding.html">New Employee Set Up</a></li> <li><a href="">Paycheck Information</a></li> <li><a href="">Payroll Deadlines</a></li> <li>Tax Documentation</li> </ul> <h4><span style="font-weight: normal;">Contact</span></h4> <p>Robin Trainor, Director<br> 617-552-4772<br><br> <br> </p> <h4>&nbsp;</h4>
<p>Responsible for the timely and accurate processing of all transactions relating to the payroll and timekeeping operations of the University, while adhering to all internal guidelines as well as federal and state regulations. </p>
Office for Institutional Diversity
<p><a adhocenable="false" href="/content/bc-web/offices/human-resources/policies-forms/hr-forms.html#Bias">Boston College Bias-Related Incident Report Form</a><br /> </p> <p><a adhocenable="false" href="/content/bc-web/offices/human-resources/policies-forms/hr-forms.html#accommodation">Reasonable Accommodation Request Form</a></p> <p><a href="/content/bc-web/offices/human-resources/policies-forms/hr-forms.html#disabilities">Invitation to Self Identify for People with Disabilities</a></p> <p><a href="/content/bc-web/offices/human-resources/policies-forms/hr-forms.html#race">Invitation to Self Identify for Race/Ethnicity</a></p> <p><a href="/content/bc-web/offices/human-resources/policies-forms/hr-forms.html#veterans">Invitation to Self Identify for Veterans</a></p> <ul></ul>
<p>Supports the University’s mission by promoting a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion for all members of the BC community. A community that truly values and fully utilizes its diversity creates a climate where a variety of perspectives can coexist and people thrive.</p>

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