Boston College's policy on the Protection of Minors is designed to provide a safe environment for minors when on the Boston College campus, or while participating in University-sponsored activities off campus. This policy is intended to apply to University-sponsored activities involving minors, and programs for minors sponsored by non-University organizations that operate in University facilities.

Authorized Adults (Faculty, Staff, Students, and Volunteers) must:

Please refer to the CSI Splash Page to complete the Personal Information Disclosure questions, online training program, and a Criminal Offender Record background check.

NOTE: No person may serve as an Authorized Adult until he or she has completed the online self-disclosure form, the online training program, and a Criminal Offender Record background check.  Please review the background check components here.

New Authorized Adult Participants: Please refer to the following checklist to ensure Authorized Adults are in compliance.

Returning Authorized Adult Participants: Please return to Option B - Returning Participants on the CSI Splash Page and follow the instructions.

Program Administrators must:

  1. Complete a Program Registration Form for each program involving minors and send it to the Program’s cognizant Dean or Vice President for approval.  Please review an example of a completed Program Registration Form and/or a guide on how to complete the form.
  2. Send the approved Program Registration Form directly to their Employment Office contact person (see Employment Office Contact list.)
  3. Collect from parents/legal guardians and retain within your area the Medication and Emergency Treatment Authorization Form for all minors participating in the program prior to participation.  

The Employment Officer must:  

  1. Review the Program Registration Form
  2. Contact CSI to conduct the background check (which usually takes five to seven business days to complete) and obtain the results
  3. Receive certification for each authorized adult that has completed the personal information disclosure form and the online training program
  4. Inform the Program Administrator which Authorized Adults have completed the personal information disclosure form and the online training and cleared the background check.
  5. Maintain a secure file in HR for each Program containing the Program Registration Form and the documents listed above for each Authorized Adult.

Parents/legal guardians of participating minors must:

  1. Complete and sign a Medication and Emergency Treatment Authorization Form prior to the minor’s participation in a youth program.
  2. Submit the form to the Program Administrator.

Non-University Sponsored Programs

Non-University organizations sponsoring Programs that use University facilities shall be required to execute and deliver a Facilities License and Indemnification Agreement prior to authorization by a responsible Vice President or Dean to make use of Boston College facilities.

*Boston College uses Creative Services, Inc. (CSI) to conduct these CORI background checks. CSI is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts and is a firm that specializes in conducting background searches and does so for a wide variety of clients.