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Kronos: Manager Instructions

key information

I. Kronos 8.0 Workforce Timekeeper

  • To use Kronos, you must login in to AGORA through the portal and select the ETR icon or the Employee Time Reporting link from My Services.

II. Kronos Time Approver Form

  • Kronos is an online timekeeping system used by Boston College.
  • A Kronos Time Approver Form must be completed for all Boston College employees granted Manager access to the Kronos Workforce Web and Workforce Timekeeper systems.

III. Kronos Payroll Deadlines

IV. Kronos Frequently Asked Questions for Managers

  • A list of FAQs has been compiled from questions asked by trainees during Kronos training sessions and from Kronos users.
  • Manager Responsibilities:
    • Train employees and other supervisors in the department using Kronos.
    • Each week, review timecards:
      • Make corrections.
      • Make any adjustments.
      • Add comments.
      • Make historical corrections.
      • Ensure employees log in time each week as necessary.
      • Approve all employees even if there are no hours.
    • Run reports.
    • Notify the HRSC if an approver has to be added or inactivated through the online Kronos Time Approver Form.
    • Be the departmental contact with the HRSC regarding Kronos.
    • If the primary manager is not available, make sure a backup manager will perform your Kronos responsibilities, including approvals on Fridays or Monday.

V. Kronos Workforce Timekeeper 8.0

  • Kronos 8.0 Workforce Timekeeper is the web-based timekeeper application used by employees to input hours worked, and used by managers to review and approve employee hours. Kronos Workforce Timekeeper is accessed through Agora. Kronos contains the Workforce Timekeeper features, to which your system administrator has granted you access rights.

Getting Started in Kronos Workforce Timekeeper

Manager Job Aids:

Kronos Documentation:

Reports Instructions

Common Setup: