Post-graduate service opportunities allow students to explore interests in social justice through direct engagement with the communities they serve, and provide students with valuable experiences that serve them later in their career.

International Studies majors and minors often pursue full-time domestic or international service opportunities after graduation. In fact, our majors undertake a year or more of post-grad service at 2.5x the BC average.

If you're thinking about this option, we recommend starting with the Volunteer & Service Learning Center site, which includes a list of over 100 organizations that offer full time, post-grad volunteer opportunities. 

The Volunteer Service Learning Center and Campus Ministry coordinate many of the major service programs that are popular with BC undergrads. Several are listed below, but check their web sites for more complete information. 

International Service/Immersion Programs

Domestic Service Immersion Programs

The BC Volunteer Service Learning Center has an expansive section on post-graduate service opportunities that we recommend. In addition, here are a few direct links to organizations our IS majors and minors have joined in recent years.


Peace Corps alumni:

  • Maggie Leahy (Senegal, 2023)
  • Alexandra Baker (Cambodia, 2023)
  • Ben Heatherington (Kenya, 2023)
  • Isabelle Jones (Ecuador, 2023)
  • Anju Sadasivam (Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2023)
  • Claire Donovan (TBD, 2023) 
  • Claire Guarini (Benin, 2022)
  • Claire Noble (China/Botswana, 2020 cancelled/COVID)
  • Sara Klos (Colombia, 2019)
  • Reed Piercey (China, 2019)
  • Kerianne DiBattista (Mozambique, 2017)
  • Benjamin Ramirez (Mozambique, 2017)
  • Margaux l'Herbette (Ecuador, 2015)
  • Elizabeth Annis (Mali, 2010)
  • Stephanie Quaranta (Cape Verde, 2006)
  • Emily Keane (Madagascar, 2005)

If we've missed your name, please let us know!



AmeriCorps is a federal agency that seeks to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through national service and volunteering. Teach for America is one of many organizations working under the AmeriCorps VISTA umbrella. 

A few of our AmeriCorps and TFA alumni:

  • Tess Murphy (TFA Nashville, 2019)
  • Katherine Rogers (TFA 2018)
  • Nicoline Bach (2015)
  • Grady Deacon (TFA 2015)
  • Christine Bowles (TFA, 2013)
  • Matt Gelman (2010)
  • Briana Thompson (Atlanta, 2010)

If we've missed your name, please let us know!

JVC alumni:

  • Carly Sullivan (2020)
  • Melanie Johnson (San Jose, 2020)
  • Laura Stateler (Austin, 2020)
  • Amy Gately (New Orleans, 2019)
  • Marcus Brockhorst (Los Angeles, 2019)
  • Brighid O'Donoghue (Atlanta, 2017)
  • Benjamin Gauley (Micronesia, 2012)
  • Susan Brusky (Peru, 2011)

If we've missed your name, please let us know!