Internships are an excellent way to learn about an employer or industry, and to gain skills and experience before you graduate. Many corporations, thinktanks, NGOs, government offices/agencies, and schools offer internships during the summer or academic year. 

Academic Credit

IS majors can receive one academic credit upon completion of a substantial internship.

  • Subsequent internships cannot receive academic credit, but remain excellent enrichment opportunities.
  • Students should contact Prof. Nakazato (Director of Undergraduates Studies) before you start your internship in order to ensure you receive academic credit. 
  • Internships are listed as on your transcript as a one-credit pass/fail course.

Funding assistance

Funding is available to assist students completing unpaid internships.

  • The Eagle Intern Fellowship provides financial support to Boston College undergraduates who obtain summer internships with organizations that are not able to provide a salary. By eliminating financial barriers, this program provides an opportunity for you to explore your career interests and experience the world of work.

  • The Clough Center Civic Internship Grants fund students who would otherwise be uncompensated for work on behalf of government, non-profit, or civic organizations during the summer. Applications are due in April each year. 

  • The CWBC Colloquium Fellowship advances women’s leadership by providing funds to help offset the costs of an unpaid summer internship. Applications are due in April.