BC BIGS provides BC students the opportunity to serve as mentors to young people in Boston. It's a great way to get involved in the Boston community, make a difference in a young person’s life, and meet other BC students who share similar passions.

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Thank you for your interest in joining BC BIGS!  Your application will be sent to our partners at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts. You can expect to hear from them in 7-10 days.  If you do not hear from them or have questions about your application, please email bcbigs@bc.edu.  There is a 3 semester commitment at the minimum, please only apply if you plan to graduate in 2025 or later.  Please be sure you have reviewed all program requirements before applying.

We partner with communities in Dorchester and Mattapan for this campus-based mentoring program, where Little Brothers and Sisters are transported to campus on alternate Saturdays throughout the year. In Dorchester, we partner with Franklin Field Housing Development and in Mattapan, we partner with the Mildred Ave Community Center. During the academic year there are approximately 15 structured events lasting about 3-4 hours. Bigs and Littles share in the fun large-group programming, and then have one-on-one time each week as well.

Please note: The BC BIGS Franklin Field and Mattapan Programs involve a larger time commitment than the other BC BIGS Programs.




These are school-day mentoring programs where Big Brothers and Big Sisters meet their Little Brothers or Little Sisters on a weekly basis at a local Boston Public school for lunch and recess. A Big can help make school a more fun and enjoyable place to be by spending time with their Little, eating together, playing sports, sharing stories, doing arts and crafts, or simply sitting and talking together.  The commitment is one hour per week with your Little, plus any travel time into Brighton or Allston.

“Families” are what we call our small reflection groups facilitated by the student leaders. The family groups are safe spaces that provide support, help to build community,  and allow BIGS the opportunity to reflect on their service experience. 

Family groups:

  • Are a mandatory component of the BC BIGS program and attendance is enforced  
  • Meet for 1 hour every other week
  • Are run in the spirit of the Jesuit Tradition of Boston College.  We believe that reflection is an essential component of service and helps to deepen learning.
  • Are a great way to get to meet others on campus 
  • Discuss issues of social justice while providing a space to ask questions about mentorship 

In collaboration with our partners at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts, BC BIGS asks all members of our community to participate in our shared values:

Let this experience change and challenge you.

Take intentional steps to achieve youth outcomes. Know that all of our actions drive change for children in our program.

Building Community
We are all mentors and mentees. Cultivate contexts and relationships that are safe for self-expression and that celebrate our shared striving.

Social Justice
View your experience through a lens of social justice. Take time to know the structural barriers that impact our participants.

Mutual Learning
Be willing to learn from others, especially from those who have had experiences different from your own.

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