All undergraduate students are invited to declare an International Studies minor. There is no application to be an IS minor (unlike the major); you need only submit a course plan as noted below. 


  • IS minors take two foundation courses and four electives in one of four concentrations, for a total of 18 credits (15 of which must be unique to the IS minor).  Students may need to use the new digital course substitution form to ensure that your approved elective is counted toward your minor on your academic audit/transcript. 

  • Minors must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in one modern language in addition to English (even if their BC school, such as CSOM, does not require it), and they are encouraged to study abroad.

  • To declare an IS minor, students must downolad and fill out the IS Minor Course Plan, save it to your computer, and email it to Ms. Patricia Joyce (patricia.joyce@bc.edu), Assistant Director of Interdisciplinary Programs. Please develop your course plan in consultation with IS Program Peer Advisors, IS faculty members, or the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

  • There is no formal deadline, but we encourage you to declare your minor as soon as you think you'd like to pursure it, so that you can take advantage of the many IS Program activites/events and meet other IS minors and majors. 

Becoming an IS Minor

The IS minor is open to all BC undergraduates who submit an acceptable course of study, ideally by October of their junior year, before the last day of drop/add.

Our minors must earn 18 credits from six courses (including two foundations courses and four electives in one of four concentrations); they must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in one modern foreign language (even if their home school at BC doesn’t require it); and they usually study abroad. Please note that the Carroll School of Management no longer offers its own International Studies minor for its students, but CSOM freshmen are welcome to apply to the IS Program minor in the Morrrissey College.

To declare your IS minor, download and fill out the IS Minor Course Plan, and submit it to Ms. Joyce via email (patricia.joyce@bc.edu) or in print to Gasson 104. 


Foundation 1 Courses

IS minors must choose one of the following approved Foundation 1 courses:

  • Globalization (INTL 3510 /POLI 3510)
    Note: This is NOT the History core sequence(s) with the same name.
  • World Politics (INTL 2546)
  • Introduction to International Politics (POLI 1081)
    Note: This course is only for POLI majors; it may be a double-count for IS minor purposes only. It cannot be taken by IS minors with other majors (e.g., a HIST major/IS minor may not take POLI 1081).

Foundation 2 Courses

Foundation 2 courses for minors are specific to each concentration


IS minors focus their interests in one of four interdisciplinary concentrations, in which they will take one foundation course (which we name as “Foundation 2,” because it builds on the Foundation 1 course) and four electives from an approved list of courses.

Language Requirement

All students completing the IS minor must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in a modern foreign language as required by the Morrissey College, even if you are a student outside the Morrissey College.

Intermediate proficiency can be demonstrated in several ways:

  1. Successful completion (with a passing letter grade) of the second semester of the intermediate-level sequence of a modern foreign language course.

  2. Earning the following minimum scores on an AP language exam or SAT Subject Test:
    Chinese (AP4/SAT650)                       French (AP3/SAT550)
    German (AP4/SAT600)                       Italian (AP3/SAT550)
    Japanese (AP4/SAT650)                     Korean (AP4/SAT650)
    Modern Hebrew (AP4/SAT650)            Spanish (AP3/550)

  3. Demonstrating intermediate proficiency to a faculty member in one of BC’s language departments. (That faculty member must certify a student's intermediate language proficiency in an email to Ms. Patricia Joyce [patricia.joyce@bc.edu] in the IS Program office.)

Note: Language courses that count in any way toward your IS major or minor language proficiency requirements must be taken for a grade, and cannot be taken pass/fail. (Such courses taken pass/fail through Spring 2020 will be honored.)

Note: Language instruction courses beyond Intermediate II, such as CCR, may not be used as IS electives; but subject courses taught in a foreign language may be used as electives where applicable, if approved by the DUS/Director.

Also note: Effective after the end of the spring 2020 semester, language courses that count in any way toward your IS major or minor language proficiency requirements must be taken for a grade, and cannot be taken pass/fail. Pass/Fail arrangements with faculty made before summer 2020 will be honored. 

If your situation is not covered by the above rules, please contact Prof. Hiroshi Nakazato, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the IS Program.  

Senior Seminar/Thesis

Seniors complete their IS major by choosing either to take a one-semester senior research seminar or to write a year-long senior thesis with a faculty member.

Study Abroad

IS minors are encouraged, but not required, to study abroad for a semester, summer term, or year. Those who do not—either because they are international students at BC, or for economic, personal, or athletic reasons—can take advantage of other opportunities to engage with international students, use their language skills, and meet people and groups from around the world (through the Global Engagement Portal, for example).

Frequently Asked Questions

question match your criteria

How do I apply to be an IS major?
<p>Enrollment in the major is by competitive application, submitted in early February of freshman year. Transfer students who enter BC in their sophomore year may apply during the summer.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/schools/morrissey/sites/isp/academics/major.html#admission">Major Admission</a></span></p>
<p>How do I apply to be an IS major?</p>
How do I enroll in the IS minor?
<p>Enrollment in the IS minor is open to all students who file a course plan, which outlines how they will meet the minor's requirements, before the end of the Drop/Add period in October of their junior year. We also welcome declarations of the IS minor in freshman or sophomore year. We encourage prospective IS minors to&nbsp;read about the minor requirements&nbsp;and&nbsp;visit with a Peer Advisor&nbsp;or faculty advisor to help the craft their course plan. When completed, the course plan should be submitted to Ms. Patricia Joyce in Gasson 104.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="https://www.bc.edu/content/bc-web/schools/mcas/sites/isp/undergraduate/minor.html">Minor Requirements</a></span></p>
<p>How do I enroll in the IS minor?<br /> </p>
How many people are accepted into the major?
<p>Increased investment from the University has allowed the IS Program to expand to its current maximum of 105 students per year. Over a six-year period, the number of students accepted has risen from 88 students in the class of 2016 to 95 in the class of 2019, to 105 in the class of 2022. At present that corresponds to a major cohort of about 280 students in total (across three class years).<br> </p>
<p>How many people are accepted into the major?<br> </p>
Is there a language proficiency requirement?
<p>Yes. Both IS majors and IS minors have a language proficiency requirement, but they differ:</p> <p>All&nbsp;IS majors, regardless of their school (MCAS, CSOM, LSOE, CSON), must demonstrate&nbsp;advanced proficiency&nbsp;in one modern foreign language&nbsp;or&nbsp;intermediate proficiency in two modern foreign languages&nbsp;by the time of their graduation. Advanced proficiency will be met by taking at least two courses beyond the intermediate level of a modern foreign language.&nbsp;</p> <p>All IS minors, regardless of school (MCAS, CSOM, LSOE, CSON), must demonstrate&nbsp;intermediate-level proficiency in one modern foreign&nbsp;language.&nbsp;</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/schools/morrissey/sites/isp/academics/major.html#tab-language_requirement">IS Major Language Requirements</a></span></p> <p><a href="/content/bc-web/schools/morrissey/sites/isp/academics/minor.html#tab-language_requirement"><span class="btn btn-default btn-gold">IS Minor Language Requirements</span></a></p>
<p>Is there a language proficiency requirement?<br /> </p>