CWBC Colloquium Fellowship

CWBC Colloquium Mission

The Colloquium seeks to become a leading voice in the national conversation on women and leadership. It will invite exceptional thought leaders to consider contemporary issues through the lens of women’s leadership. This forum seeks to engage students, alumni, and the global community in the conversation through a series of dynamic public events, strategic curricular enhancements and robust faculty/student interaction.

Fellowship Description

This fellowship, in keeping with the CWBC Colloquium mission, is designed to advance women’s leadership by providing funds to help offset the costs of an unpaid summer internship that either (1) provides a position with an organization (or part of an organization) focused on advancing issues related to women’s leadership, or (2) promotes the leadership skills of individual women.

Application Submission Date

The CWBC Colloquium will begin accepting applications in the Spring of 2024.


The application deadline is April 19, 2024.



You may contact the Assistant Director of Program Management & Grant Administration, Joanne Nesdekidis, for further inquiries about submissions.

Application Instructions


Applications are submitted online and must include:

  • Description of the internship: Include your role and responsibilities, how the internship relates to the CWBC mission and how the internship will contribute to your development and career. (500 word maximum)

  • Unofficial transcript

  • An offer letter from the internship host confirming the unpaid internship.

  • One-page recommendation letter (sent separately to from a Boston College faculty member.

Expectations of Fellows


Accepted fellows must:

  • Create a profile that includes a brief background, information on the internship, and goals.

  • Attend the Colloquium speaker event and the Women’s Summit

  • Meet with CWBC leaders for mentoring

  • Submit a one-page post-internship reflection on your experience: what you learned, how it has strengthened your leadership capabilities, and your future goals

  • Write a thank you note to CWBC and e-mail it to

  • Become part of a larger CWBC Colloquium Fellows alum group (throughout your time at Boston College) and continue to attend CWBC Colloquium events and mentor future fellows

Eligibility & Funding

Eligible students must be current BC undergraduates who will be enrolled on campus in the Fall 2024 semester and have secured an unpaid internship for the summer that fits with the purpose of the fellowship.

CWBC Colloquium Fellows will be awarded $4,000.