Chair's Undergraduate Service Award

  • Kaitlin Astrella and Christopher Kabacinski

English Language Learner Award

  • First Place: Alison Chu Qiao - "The Reconstruction" 
  • Honorable Mention: Shuyue Zhou - "Being Dropped in Alabama"

John Randall Award

A gift of books presented in honor and memory of author and BC Professor John Randall to the undergraduate writer of the best essay on American literature and culture:

  • Christopher Kabacinski - "Interacting with Trauma: The Act of Bearing Witness Contemporary American Installation Art"

Cardinal Cushing Award

For the best fiction published in a Boston College undergraduate publication:

  • First Place: Ryan Daly - "Fathers & Sons" and "Dream On," Stylus, Fall 2015
  • Second Place: Natasza Gawlick - "Woman of White," Laughing Medusa, 2016
  • Third Place: Kaitlin Astrella - "Ma and the Milk Bottle" [a scene from A Wrench Glows Underground], Laughing Medusa, 2016

Dever Fellowship

A substantial grant presented in honor of novelist and BC alumnus Joseph Dever, to a graduating senior who proposes to pursue a career in writing:

  • Colleen Brady

Dever Award for Freshman Writing

For the best essay written by a freshman in any English course:

Best Cultural Studies Essay

  • Michaela Gacnik - "Solo Women Traveling Abroad" (nominated by Stephen Shane)
  • Benjamin Wolters - "Why Do We Selectively Mourn Tragedies?"
    (nominated by Stephen Shane)

Best Narrative Essay

  • Jack Sullivan - "Hail Alma Mater" (nominated by Brian Zimmerman)
  • Anthony Docanto - "Masks" (nominated by Sarah Ehrich)

Best Literary Criticism Essay

  • Rose Sandra Soivilien - "Present Day America and Huckleberry Finn"
    (nominated by James Smith)
  • Kelly Stone - "The Ambivalent Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
    (nominated by James Smith)

Kean Memorial Award

To the graduating senior judged to be the outstanding English major:

  • Kaitlin Astrella

Kelleher Award

For the best poetry published in a BC undergraduate publication:

  • First Place: Jennifer Heine - "Before the Milkman Comes," Stylus, Spring 2016
  • Second Place: Kwesi Aaron - "Love in the End," Stylus, Fall 2015
  • Third Place: Colleen Brady - "Waounan Woman's Prayer," Medical Humanities Journal, Fall 2015

McCarthy Prize

For best piece of creative writing by a junior or senior:

  • First Place: Kaitlin Astrella
  • Second Place: Katerina Ivanov
  • Third Place: Brysen Boyd