Can I transfer graduate courses from another institution?
The department will accept up to two courses (6 credits) from another graduate program.

What scores do you require for admission? Is there a "cut-off" point?
There is no "cut-off" point for GRE scores. Generally we expect the verbal and writing scores to be in the 80th - 99th percentile range. We do not look at the quantitative score.

Do you have a minimum grade-point average?
There is no minimum grade-point average. Averages in the major are usually quite high.

What if my major field was not English?
We do accept applications from students who were not English majors; however, we expect them to have either six courses (not credits) beyond freshman writing or several English graduate courses, from any school.

If I apply to the Ph.D. program, can I also apply to the M.A. program?
All applications rejected by the Ph.D. program from applicants without an M.A. in English are automatically forwarded to the M.A. program admissions committee.

When are admission decisions made?
Admissions decisions are made in March through April.