The Cushing Award—for the best fiction published in a BC undergraduate publication:

  • First Place to Caitlin Moran for "Sundowning" (Stylus, Spring 2011)
  • Second Place to Keith Noonan for "Clean Slate" (Stylus, Spring 2011)
  • Third Place to David Kunkel for "Rapid Transit" (Stylus, Spring 2011)

Dever Prize for Freshman Writing—for the best essay written by a freshman in any English Course.

Three First Prizes:

  • Charlotte Parish: "Madness or Martyrdom: The Function of Ophelia's Insanity in Hamlet": Nominated by Andrew Sofer, who wrote that "Charlotte deftly traces textual allusions in ‘Hamlet’ of which I've never been previously aware, nor have I noticed them glossed by editors of the play. The essay is written with confidence and smooth style."
  • Lauren Audi: "An Inch": Nominated by Lad Tobin who wrote that "This essay is to the typical first-year student's personal narrative what The Woman Warrior is to conventional autobiography: ‘An Inch' is part cultural analysis, part political polemic, part dream, part memoir—and all poetic."
  • Amanda-Eve Beiner: "Art and Memory in Elizabeth Bishop's “Poem". Nominated by Ti Bodenheimer who wrote that she was “very impressed with the elegance of the writing, the way close reading flows so easily in Amanda's prose, and the incredibly high level of both analysis and human understanding that comes through."

Dever Fellowship—a substantial grant, presented annually, in honor of novelist and BC alumnus Joseph Dever, to a graduating senior who proposes to pursue a career in writing

  • Caitlin Moran

Kean Award—to the graduating senior judged to be the outstanding English major:

  • Kelly Connolly

Kelleher Award—cash award given annually to undergraduates who produce the best work in poetry published in BC undergraduate publications:

  • First Place: Myles Gerraty, for "A Purchase from the Hackensack", (Naked Singularity, Spring 2011)
  • Second Place: Michael Wolf, for "The Universe is an Endless Pomegranate" (Naked Singularity, Spring 2011)
  • Third Place: Katrin Tschirgi, for "La Tempete" (Stylus, Spring 2011)

McCarthy Prize—for best piece of creative writing by a junior or senior:

  • First Place: Myles Gerraty (for poetry)
  • Second Place: Amanda Leahy (for poetry)
  • Third Place: Chris Staudinger (for fiction)

Randall Award—a gift of books presented in honor and memory of author and BC Professor John Randall to the undergraduate writer of the best essay in the field of American literature and culture:

  • Katherine Broderick, for “Wallace Stevens: Out of and Into the Realm of Resemblance.” Nominated by Paul Mariani.