The Cushing Award—given annually to undergraduates who produce the best work in fiction published in BC undergraduate publications

  • 1st Place to Stephanie Lee for "Ironical," in Naked Singularity
  • 2nd Place to Caitlin Moran for "Lacock Abbey," in the Spring Stylus
  • 3rd Place to Trey Brewer for "The Burial Clause," in the Fall Stylus

Dever Prize for Freshman Writing—a cash award for the best essay written by a freshman for any English course:
Three 1st Place Winners:

  • Joseph Allen Fort "Life According to Kurtz" - a talented, unified close reading of Heart of Darkness, with a clear, engaging argument. Nominated by Alison Vanvort
  • Alessandra Frissora, for "Gendered Brains: Applying Our Knowledge of the Biological Forces Behind Gender Divergence," - an outstanding example of research writing incorporating quantitative biological research to revise traditional feminist notions of gender equality. Nominated by Paul Lewis
  • Naomi Parikh for "Naam" - a vivid descriptive essay evoking the complexities of language and her half-Indian identity, while growing up in New England. Nominated by Paula Mathieu

Dever Fellowship—a substantial cash grant, presented annually, in honor of novelist and BC alumnus Joseph Dever, to a graduating senior who proposes to pursue a career in writing:

  • Skye Shirley

Kean Award—a cash award to the graduating senior judged by the Kean Award Committee to be the outstanding English major:

  • Andrew Donnelly

The Kelleher Award—cash award given annually to undergraduates who produce the best work in poetry published in BC undergraduate publications (comments by the prize committee):

  • First Place: "For Lucy, A Homecoming" by Skye Shirley; to appear in the new Asian-American student journal As I Am.
  • Second Place: "Metanoia" by Amanda Leahy; Fall 2009 Stylus.
  • Third Place: "Dialogue with a Covered Woman" by Ann Elizabeth Kulze; to appear in Naked Singularity, Spring 2010

McCarthy Prize—for best piece of creative writing by a junior or senior:

  • First Place: Skye Shirley
  • 2nd Place: Myles Gerraty
  • 3rd Place: Stephanie Lee

Randall Award—a gift of books presented in honor and memory of author and BC Professor John Randall to the undergraduate writer of the best essay in the field of American literature and culture:

  • Catherine A. Gellene, "Mr. Sand-Man, Bring Me a Dream: BODIES...The Exhibition, A Misrecognition of the Uncanny"