Graduate Courses

Candidates pursuing the M.A. degree will be expected to complete courses granting at least 30 credits (ten courses at three credits each). Three credits must be in a theory course, ordinarily thought of as a course primarily concerned with the study of texts in literary and/or cultural theory, from among the department's regular offerings; and three must be in the "Introduction to Advanced Research" course or its equivalent.

We are able to offer a wide variety of courses to M.A. students, ordinarily at least 12 per semester, and limit most courses to 15 students or fewer. Students may devote up to six of the required 30 credits to independent work under the supervision of department faculty, resulting in one or more longer papers. Students wishing to pursue this option should consult with the program director early in their graduate careers.

Graduate Courses

Graduate Course Descriptions

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Fall 2024

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