Lunch & Learn Series

Technological innovation often precedes scientific advancement, and to prepare for an unprecedented period of growth in the BC research enterprise fueled by the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society, new Engineering Department, and Neuroscience Major, the Office of Vice Provost for Research is organizing a series of presentations from scientific instrument manufacturers.  Every other Monday, starting on September 9th, at noon in Higgins 465, different vendors will present information regarding the next generation of scientific instruments and applications with the potential to transform research at BC.  Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome to attend!  Lunch will be provided.


Vendor Topic
 1/13/2020   FEI/ThermoFisher Scanning Electron Microscopy for Materials and Biological Samples
Leica Microsystems Fluorescence imaging for cells, tissues, and model organisms
 2/10/2020   Andor Technology Live cell fluorescence imaging and image analysis
 2/24/2020   ThermoFisher  Liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy (LC/MS) technology for applications in proteomics and metabolomics   
 3/9/2020   Nikon Instruments Live cell fluorescence imaging
 3/23/2020     Parker Hannifin Corporation    Gas generation systems
 4/6/2020   Jeol Scanning Electron Microscopy for Materials and Biological Samples