Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures

The Department administers undergraduate majors in Linguistics, Russian, and Slavic Studies, as well as minors in Arabic Studies, Chinese, Linguistics, Russian, and East European Studies. Students may also participate in an interdisciplinary minor in interdisciplinary programs in Asian Studies, Jewish Studies, International Studies, and Islamic Civilization and Societies. Departmental honors require successful completion of honors requirements. For information, contact the Department.

The Department maintains listings of related courses from other departments that satisfy various program requirements. Substitutions and exemptions from specific program requirements, as well as the application of courses from other institutions, require express permission from the Chairperson or the Undergraduate Program Director.

Students fulfilling the undergraduate Core requirements in Literature and Cultural Diversity should consider Core offerings taught by members of the Department.

References to the number of credits required correlate with the number of full one-semester courses.


The Department offers majors in Linguistics, Russian, and Slavic Studies.



The Department offers departmental minors in Linguistics, Russian, Arabic Studies, and Chinese, as well as interdisciplinary minors in Asian Studies, East European Studies, and Jewish Studies.


Study Abroad

The Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures requires, in general, at least two years of language study, in addition to coursework (tailored to the individual student's program of study) that would provide cultural orientation. Since the Department offers a wide-variety of majors, there is no particular limit as to how many courses taken abroad will be allowed for major credit.

Individual programs of study are arranged according to the types of instruction available and the student's goals and background.

Students majoring in Linguistics may profit from any number of study-abroad opportunities, depending on the specific language(s) they elect to focus on. Students of East Asian languages have participated to great advantage in a variety of different study abroad opportunities in Japan, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China, Korea, and other nations of Asia.

Junior year is the most popular time to study abroad, but seniors have done so successfully as well. All Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures majors must obtain department course approval before going abroad. Students should consult with the relevant faculty members, depending on their language and area of expertise.

Office of International Programs

Students taking classes in the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures participate in Boston College's programs and international partnerships in China, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Poland, Russia, and other countries.

For complete information on any of these programs and also on unofficial study abroad, visit

Teachers of English to Foreign Students

The Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures offers a number of linguistics courses for training teachers of English to foreign students. The Department of English offers elective and Core-level undergraduate courses of English language and literature for foreign students enrolled at Boston College.