Carroll School of Management

Founded in 1938, Boston College’s Carroll School of Management educates undergraduate students for careers in the various disciplines of management, as well as graduate students and practitioners who seek deeper insights into a complex global economy. The School has a dual mission: to carry out both top-level teaching and cutting-edge research. It sees this mission as a collaborative effort among faculty, staff, and students, in engagement with alumni and other management practitioners.

A Carroll School education is a lively blend of the liberal arts and the functional areas of management. Undergraduates are introduced to a broad slate of topics related to accounting, business analytics, finance, business law, marketing, and other disciplines. But they are also encouraged to branch out and delve into subjects ranging from history and literature to natural science and the fine arts. Academic rigor and close interaction with faculty go hand in hand with this multidisciplinary approach.

Situated within a Jesuit liberal arts university, the Carroll School helps its students cultivate the habits of intellectual discernment along with a commitment to service and the public good. There are numerous opportunities for students to apply their specialized knowledge to a vast array of human, social, and organizational challenges.

In keeping with its philosophy of undergraduate management education, the Carroll School aims to:

  • Teach analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills to create effective leaders.
  • Inform students of the latest advances in accounting, finance, data analytics, marketing, operations, and many other fields.
  • Help students carve out a specialization in one or more fields, making them ready for management practice and leadership upon graduation.
  • Provide them with the tools and inspiration to seek out, develop, and experiment with innovative ideas drawn from a wide mix of sources.
  • Create a variety of programs that allow students to gain hands-on experience and apply theory to practice. Specialized research and education centers provide many of these opportunities.
  • Develop a multicultural and global outlook, attentive to the needs of diverse communities and a fast-changing world.
  • Emphasize the ethical responsibilities of managers and business and assist students in the development of their capacity for moral reasoning.
  • Inculcate the habits of lifelong learning and self-reflection.

Through the curriculum and other offerings, Carroll School students are taught to value both knowledge and wisdom, both hard skills and broader insights. They emerge from Boston College as capable professionals and thoughtful leaders ready to make a difference in their organizations and in their world.