Jewish Studies Minor



The Minor in Jewish Studies consists of a total of six three-credit courses, including one foundation course, four electives and a concluding seminar/capstone course.

Introductory Course

The foundation course, “Mapping the Jewish Experience,” is a team-taught, required course highlighting the extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity of Jews. Faculty from two departments will be in charge of this course, with additional lectures by other faculty members.


After consulting with one of the co-directors, each student will select four electives from at least three departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Seminar/Capstone Course

This course is designed to summarize concepts and ideas developed in earlier courses in the minor. The first part of the course focuses upon a series of common texts that raise important questions about Jewish life. The second part deals with the methodology necessary to complete a twenty-page research paper or major project. This course will be offered every year by faculty from a variety of departments.

Languages and Study Abroad

Although the Minor in Jewish Studies has no specific language requirement, students are encouraged to take as many courses as possible in biblical and modern Hebrew.
Note however, a maximum of six credits in Hebrew language may be applied to the minor. Students may participate in Boston College’s study-abroad program at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. They may also avail themselves of summer programs in Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish.