Whether you're facing a challenge in the classroom or are eager to explore a new pedagogical approach, the Center for Teaching Excellence has services to support you. We offer confidential consultations, workshops on cutting-edge topics, and pedagogical resources to further your teaching practice.

Individual Consultations

CTE staff are available to meet one-on-one with instructors to talk through a range of teaching questions. Whether you are trying to figure out how to improve student participation, design a new Canvas course, or explore a new pedagogical approach, our experienced staff are here to serve as resources and sounding boards.

Consultations with the CTE are always initiated at the request of the instructor and remain confidential within Boston College. To arrange for a consultation, email us at centerforteaching@bc.edu.

Classroom Observation

Some instructors choose to pair a classroom observation with their consultation, inviting a CTE staff member to observe a class session as a chance to provide additional context for our conversation. Please contact us to learn more about how we approach observations.

Mid-Semester Feedback

The CTE can also assist instructors interested in gathering anonymous feedback from their students in the middle of the semester. Gathering feedback while a course is in progress can allow instructors to make small adjustments that can benefit student learning and improve classroom climate.

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Inclusion And Accessibility Consultations

As part of the CTE’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility, we take a particular interest in working with faculty to design courses that are accessible to students with disabilities and inclusive of students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in U.S. higher education.  We welcome the opportunity to work with faculty on a range of questions related to inclusion and accessibility.

Mid-Semester Feedback

The CTE is available to consult with instructors interested in gathering anonymous feedback from their students mid-way through the semester. This confidential service allows instructors to identify areas where small course adjustments can lead to improved student learning in the remaining weeks of the course. Request a consultation using the button below.

For those not interested in a consultation, we also have a robust resource that walks you through the choices involved in developing your own approach to gathering mid-semester feedback and interpreting the results.

What Is The Process?

Given the unique instructional contexts of Fall 2020, the CTE is offering a simplified version of our typical mid-semester feedback service, keeping our focus on helping instructors develop feedback questions and make sense of the feedback they’ve gathered:

Developing feedback questions: A CTE staff member can work with you to develop feedback questions tailored to your particular course’s learning goals. We’re happy to work with instructors wanting to create their own feedback surveys or those interested in developing custom questions to add to BC’s standard mid-semester feedback form. Although we won’t be able to build a survey for you, we can help you identify a survey tool and provide templates you can work from. 

Interpreting feedback: Once you’ve collected your feedback (either using BC’s standard mid-semester feedback form or one you’ve designed yourself), a CTE staff member can then serve as a sounding board, helping identify trends in your students’ feedback and strategizing how best to respond to them.

You’re welcome to request a single consultation to discuss either of the above; or you can sign up for help with both. These services are available to instructors teaching in either blended or remote contexts.

Given increased demand for these services this year, we are taking a “first come, first served” approach to consultation requests. And so we encourage you to submit your request using the link below by October 1st.

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How Is This Confidential?

In line with the CTE’s confidentiality policy, no information related to a mid-semester feedback consultation will be shared with anyone aside from the instructor. You choose what, if any, feedback data to share with CTE staff, and we delete any feedback records we have once the consultation has concluded.

Invited Workshops

In addition to the campus-wide programs we offer, the CTE also works with individual departments and schools to tailor programs specifically for their faculty and graduate student instructors. We work closely with you to make sure we’re prepared to address the particular context and needs of your faculty, and we are flexible in accommodating your time constraints.

Common Topics

  • Beyond Bullet Points: Designing Better Presentations
  • Cultivating Academic Integrity
  • Designing and Managing Group Projects
  • Designing Transparent Assignments
  • Developing Rubrics to Support Learning
  • Engaging Large Classes
  • Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom
  • Grading for Learning
  • Inclusive Classroom Practices
  • Intercultural Competence in the Classroom
  • Partnering Effectively with TAs
  • Planning for More Dynamic Discussions
  • Responding to Student Writing
  • Strategies for Active Learning
  • Syllabus Design
  • Teaching Students with Disabilities
  • Teaching Through Disruption
  • Universal Design for Learning

To learn more about how the CTE might work with your faculty or graduate student instructors, please contact us at centerforteaching@bc.edu.

Teaching Spaces

The Center for Teaching Excellence manages several innovative classroom spaces, including a teaching innovation lab, an active learning classroom, and two technology classrooms. During a typical semester, most of these rooms can be booked by faculty members on a semester-long basis, but given social distancing requirements we are currently trying to minimize use of these spaces. Please email centerforteaching@bc.edu with any questions.

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Recording Studio

Given that the CTE office is currently closed due to social distancing requirements, please note that the Recording Studio is not available for use. If you have a question about recording content for a BC course, please contact centerforteaching@bc.edu.

The CTE's recording studio is designed specifically for faculty members and graduate student instructors to record instructional content. It is equipped with a built-in camera, microphone, and viewscreen (which functions like a teleprompter), making the process of recording simple. It is also acoustically insulated for outside noise reduction. Instructors need simply bring a USB drive with a Powerpoint and start recording. Recording takes place through Panopto, the Lecture Capture software at BC, and recordings can be automatically uploaded into a Canvas course if desired, where students can then view the recordings.

First-time users are encouraged to schedule an appointment for an orientation of the space. In order to schedule an appointment and reserve the studio, please email the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Please also see our guide for video recording using Panopto.

Resource Site

The Center for Teaching Excellence maintains a searchable database of resources for BC instructors, with sections dedicated to teaching technologies, teaching strategies, and course design. 

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