Course Preparation Retreat

The CTE offered its second Course Preparation Retreat from August 9-12, 2021 over Zoom. Open to all faculty and Teaching Fellows at Boston College, this four-day virtual retreat provided a structured opportunity for instructors to work on preparing their courses in conversation with colleagues. Instructors who participated in the retreat in January 2021 were welcome to sign up again.

Overall Structure: To allow for easier collaboration among participants, the retreat focused on a different aspect of course preparation each day, with participants identifying their own daily work goals within that general structure. A companion Canvas course provided resources targeted to each day’s topic:

Day 1: Clarifying course goals and aligning assessments

Day 2: Building an inclusive and motivating classroom climate

Day 3: Planning learning activities and feedback strategies

Day 4: Mapping out course content and weekly rhythm

Daily Schedule: Participants logged into Zoom each day at 9:15 for a brief orientation to that day’s focus and a chance to set their intentions for the day. They then logged off to work independently. At 2:30, participants reconvened on Zoom, where they had the opportunity to share what they’d been working on and get feedback from a small group of colleagues.

Additional Help Available: CTE staff were available via Zoom each day to serve as sounding boards for participants as they worked out their ideas.

Accommodation Requests

The Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to providing equal access to its events and programs. Individuals who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about access may contact