The Center for Teaching Excellence manages several innovative classroom spaces, including a teaching innovation lab, an active learning classroom, and two technology classrooms. We give preference to full-semester reservations, but instructors can also email to inquire about date-specific reservations.

The Center for Teaching Excellence is home to a Teaching Innovation Lab (O'Neill 246A) that showcases current trends in active learning classroom design and teaching technologies. The furniture can be easily reconfigured to accommodate work in groups, and the room is equipped with dual-camera lecture capture, in-room conference calling, and a host of other features. 

Faculty have been impressed with the Innovation Lab’s capabilities. One instructor who used the space to facilitate opportunities for international graduate students to practice conference presentations and job talks shared that “in course evaluations, students mentioned the experience as a highlight of the semester.” Another faculty member described the room as “invaluable” to students in her marketing course, in which students completed a semester-long research project. The students use the Innovation Lab to conduct focus groups to gather data for their projects, where the flexibility of its various space configurations “is perfect for what the students need to accomplish, and over the years it has enabled the students to collect high-quality research data.”

Faculty members are invited to utilize this space on a limited basis to try out new pedagogical ideas. Unlike the other classrooms that the CTE manages, however, this room is not available for semester-long booking. To inquire about booking the Teaching Innovation Lab, please contact

O’Neill 246, the CTE’s Active Learning Classroom (ALC), provides faculty and students with an innovative space to explore engaging and inclusive approaches to learning. Faculty who teach in the ALC also play a key role in contributing to the CTE's research into the effective use of classroom space and active learning pedagogies. Equipped with flexible seating, collaborative technologies, and extensive whiteboard space, the ALC invites faculty to experiment with learning-centered pedagogies and invites students to be active participants in their own learning. Learn more about the ALC's technology and potential configurations below or by visiting the BC Classroom Profile for O'Neill 246.

The CTE manages two computer classrooms that are available for semester-long courses. Faculty or staff members can also request ad-hoc bookings of classrooms, with the understanding that the requester will be responsible for overseeing the use of the computer classroom. All requests for O’Neill 245 or 254 should be for the use of the computers in the room. Courses requiring specialized software will be given first priority when scheduling these computer labs for an entire semester. Once all specialized software users have been placed, we will attempt to accommodate the remaining requests or suggest possible alternatives.

Specialized software falls into one of the following three categories:

  • Statistical/Modeling (e.g. SPSS, HLM, Stata, Arc GIS)
  • Video Editing (e.g. Adobe Premiere)
  • Graphic/Web Design & Programming (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite)

Anything that does not fall into one of the above categories is considered non-specialized software.

O'Neill 245

O'Neill 245 has 21 PC student laptops. Learn more about the classroom's equipment and furniture by visiting the BC Classroom Profile for O'Neill 245.

O'Neill 254

O’Neill 254 has 17 Mac student laptops. Learn more about the classroom's equipment and furniture by visiting the BC Classroom Profile for O'Neill 254.