Engaging Difference & Justice Faculty Speaker Series

Arissa Oh speaks animatedly to a class of students

A collaboration between the CTE and the University Core Curriculum, the Engaging Difference & Justice Faculty Speaker Series is a chance to hear faculty members who have taught Complex Problem and Enduring Question courses share how they approach teaching about difference and justice. These faculty have also designed courses that count for the renewed Cultural Diversity Core requirement under the Difference, Justice, and the Common Good in the U.S. (DJCG) and Engaging Difference and Justice (EDJ) pathways. Q&A and table conversations among attendees follow the faculty member’s remarks.

Faculty and graduate student instructors interested in the following questions are welcome to attend: 

  • How can course design and pedagogy support students’ capacity to engage substantively and holistically in questions about difference, justice, and society?
  • How do other BC faculty help students bring classroom learning to bear on how they live and make decisions day-to-day?
  • How can instructors empower students to learn about some of the most pressing questions of our time — from presidential elections to housing insecurity to police violence — without spotlighting, exploiting, or scapegoating students?
  • How do instructors support students as they contemplate an uncertain future rife with risk and opportunity for themselves and their loved ones? 
  • How do faculty with different backgrounds, social identities, and disciplinary contexts discover methods for engaging students around difference and justice that feel ever more in alignment with their own values and needs? 

2024-2025 Speakers

This program launches in the 2024-2025 academic year, featuring Andrés Castro Samayoa (LSEHD), Cherie McGil (Philosophy), Arissa Oh (History), and Shawn McGuffey (Sociology). More information and registration will be available in Summer 2024.