Graduate Student Teaching Recognition Ceremony

The CTE has hosted the Graduate Student Teaching Recognition Ceremony at the close of the spring semester since 2016. This relatively new event in the Boston College calendar seeks to highlight and honor the important work that graduate student teachers perform in advancing the practice of teaching at Boston College. The ceremony combines the well-established Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards for Graduate Student Teachers with the recognition of graduates from CTE’s Apprenticeship in College Teaching (ACT) program. Awardees of both the White Awards and the ACT are presented with their certificates by the Vice Provost for Faculties before an audience of family, friends, and faculty mentors followed by a reception.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Spring 2020 ceremony, but we would like to sincerely recognize this year's Donald J. White award and ACT certificate recipients, below.

Accommodation Requests

The Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to providing equal access to its events and programs. Individuals with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about physical access may contact

Two woman holding awards

Two winners of the Donald J. White Award.

The Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards

The Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards program was established to underscore and reinforce the pursuit of teaching excellence in graduate Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants at Boston College. They are named in honor of former Dean of the Morrissey Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Donald J. White, who served from 1971 to 1994, and displayed a deep commitment both to graduate students and to teaching excellence across the School.

The Apprenticeship In College Teaching Program

The ACT program prepares students for professional careers in the Academy by combining a series of teaching seminars with independent work conducting class observations and developing teaching materials. ACT seminars bring graduate students together across disciplines to engage important pedagogical questions, and classroom observations allow for discipline-specific discussion with faculty mentors in the student’s department. For further information about the program please visit the ACT web page.

Carroll School of Management

  • Gabriel R. Sala

Connell School of Nursing

  • Katelyn McNair
  • Katlyn Noonan

Law School

  • Eric J. Jepeal

Lynch School

  • Lindsay J. Clements
  • Meghan Coughlan
  • Josephine M. Cuda
  • Lori Ann C. Dunn
  • Katherine Ann Reynolds
  • Lisa Unangst

Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences


  • Samantha Dyckman
  • Rachel Huang
  • Natalie L. Sandlin


  • Sarah Canarelli
  • Ryan Conger 
  • Elise Ficaretta
  • Connor Gallacher 
  • Meagan E. Hackey 
  • Qiwen Su

Earth & Environmental Sciences

  • Sarah Reppert Jonathan


  • Anatoly Arlashin
  • Carter Bryson
  • Andrew G. Copland
  • Laura Gáti
  • Kritika Goel
  • Priyanka Sarda
  • Paul Sarkis


  • Alexandra Budd
  • Hannah L. Clay
  • Megan Lease


  • Eric Grube
  • Mia Michael
  • Rachael Young


  • Stella Sue Gastineau
  • Iulia Gheorghita
  • Eric Moss
  • Braeden Reinoso


  • Martin Maira Sotomayor
  • Michael Pope
  • Lydia Winn


  • Faranak Bahrami
  • Michael Geiwitz

Political Science

  • Thomas J. Goodman


  • Mahsa Ershadi
  • Haley Fritch

Romance Languages & Literatures

  • Rania Ben Amor
  • Marta Mirete Hernandez
  • Victoria McCormick


  • Jaclyn Carroll
  • Samantha Michele Kingsland Eddy
  • Elise Largesse


  • Sara Bernard-Hoverstad
  • Peter K. Fay
  • John Gregory Mileski II
  • Rev. Marcel Uwineza, SJ

Annesley Anderson (English)
Tiffany Bradford (STM)
Shannon Callahan (English)
Fr Carlo Calleja (STM)
Milena Claudius (Lynch School)
Peter K. Fay (Theology)
Christopher J. Grillo (Lynch School)
Hans A. Harmakaputra (Theology)

Megan Heeder (STM)
Siddhi Krishna (Math)
Léocadie Lushombo (Theology)
Jeremiah Morelock (Sociology)
Ariadne Nelson (Lynch School)
Megha Pancholi (English)
Sajala Pandey (Economics)
Caleb Pennington (History)
Chandler D. Rogers (Philosophy)

Christine T. Rojcewicz (Philosophy)
Ligita Ryliskyte (Theology)
Joanna Schiffman (Lynch School)
Sadie Sunderland-Rhoads (History)
Lisa Unangst (Lynch School)
Rev. Marcel Uwineza, SJ (Theology)
Michael Wahl (Theology)