Third Space Retreat

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This year's Third Space Retreat will take place June 17-June 19, 2024  at the Wylie Center and Tupper Manor in Beverly, MA. If you have any questions or accomodation requests, please email

Additional Information

In the Summer of 2022, the CTE and Intersections launched Third Space, a retreat with a particular focus on fostering and supporting communities of color at the University. Third Space is intended to carve out space — physical, mental, and institutional — for faculty to rest, reflect, and get to know one another outside of the formal work of the  university. 

The Third Space Retreat is inspired by a number of traditions. The title is borrowed from the post-colonial theorist Homi Bhaba, who used “third space” to describe the liminal spaces where cultures intersect and those at the crossroads are invited to renegotiate identity and reimagine liberation. “Third space” is also used by the sociologist Ray Oldenburg to describe social surroundings that are outside of home and work where people can relax, build relationships, and talk to one another in a playful, comfortable setting.

Third Space is also a retreat inspired by Boston College’s Jesuit tradition. In addition to the more structured retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, Jesuits have a long tradition of small groups gathering at a Villa to rest away from their usual responsibilities and to prepare themselves to return to their mission-driven work. In that tradition, we hope Third Space provides participants with a chance to step away from daily obligations and instead spend time talking, reading, and exploring nature. 

While the retreat includes lots of free time for participants to do with as they please, there are a few planned activities, including meals, remarks each day from a faculty member of color, and early evening gatherings where participants can get to know one another while enjoying a cocktail or a sober-friendly alternative. There are also a few optional events, including a chance to  discuss recent articles on faculty of color experiences, and a movie night. We hope participants leave feeling nourished and more connected to other faculty across the university.