Excellence in Teaching Day

Excellence in Teaching Day is a full-day event that brings faculty from across BC together with nationally-recognized scholars to discuss important questions about teaching and learning. After nearly three years since our last on-campus Excellence in Teaching Day event, we were delighted to be able to hold ETD 2022 in person in Gasson Hall on Monday, May 9 from 9:00 - 4:30.

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Who is the Classroom Built For?

In the introduction to her book, What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World, Sara Hendren asks of a world fundamentally changed by a global pandemic: “Is a desirable future one that only restores what was lost? Or is it a new set of possibilities asking to be imagined, or reimagined?” Hendren, an artist turned design researcher, invites her readers to explore that question through the lens of design — inviting us to ask of everyday objects and spaces, “Who is the built world built for?”

For Excellence in Teaching Day this year, we took up Hendren’s invitation to ask, “Who is the classroom built for?” How do the choices we make as we design and teach our courses shape what kind of learning – and learners – can find a place in our classrooms? Building on the recent uptick in interest across campus in the role of design in higher education, ETD this year featured faculty from a range of disciplines sharing the various ways they’ve “rebuilt” how they approach teaching and mentoring. See the tabs below for complete details about Hendren’s keynote, breakout sessions, and an afternoon “design thinking” workshop.

At-a-Glance Schedule

8:45:  Check-in & Light Breakfast (Gasson 100)

9:30:  Breakout Sessions I (Gasson Hall)

10:45:  Coffee Break (Gasson 309)

11:00:  Breakout Sessions II (Gasson Hall)

12:15:  Buffet Lunch Opens (Gasson 100)  

12:45:  Keynote: Sara Hendren (Gasson 100) 

2:15:  Raffle (Gasson 100)  

2:30:  Workshop: Design Thinking and Re-imagining “the Who” of Our Classrooms (Gasson 306)

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