Blended and Remote Teaching

In order to accommodate the various needs of instructors and students this year, Boston College courses are being offered in one of three contexts: in the classroom, synchronous online (also called “fully remote”), or asynchronous online. The kind of course preparation support available to you will depend on the type of course you’re teaching.  

For those who will be teaching in the classroom, the CTE & CDIL have developed a Canvas course to prepare you for Adaptable Blended Instruction (or ABI). Find more information on our Adaptable Blended Instruction Programs page

For those teaching synchronous online (or fully remote) courses, you can find a separate Canvas course focused on Adaptable Remote Instruction (or ARI). Find more details on our Adaptable Remote Instruction Programs page

For those teaching primarily asynchronous online courses, you will be contacted by the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning for help in developing that course. If you have questions about asynchronous online course development, you can reach out to CDIL at