BD FACSAria cell sorter

The BD FACSAria cell sorter has a revolutionary design that has created a stable instrument with which to perform cell sorting. This has been achieved by introducing a number of novel features: fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell; self-contained fluidics and; improved computer software. These advances have revolutionized, and at the same time simplified, the way cell sorting can be achieved.

Our cell sorter offers a number of powerful features summarized below:

  • three lasers - 407-nm violet, 488-nm argon, and 633-nm HeNe;
  • multi-parameter analysis which allows up to twelve independent signals to be analyzed at one time for a more detailed phenotypic analysis of cell populations;
  • digital compensation to increase sensitivity of analysis;
  • acquisition of up to 90,000 events/second;
  • sorting of up to 25,000 events/second, with 98% purity;
  • collection of four cell samples concurrently to reduce the amount of sample required;
  • sorting into a number of different collection devices, such as: microtubes, 5 ml and 15 ml tubes and 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 well plates;
  • isolation of single cells in tissue culture plates for cloning purposes;
  • sorting of defined ratios of multiple cell types in a single-pass for experimental set-up;
  • collection of rare cell events, due to the increase in sensitivity;
  • Aerosol management system for operator protection from potentially biohazardous aerosols.

The high-end configuration of our BD FACSAria places us in the unique position of owning a piece of equipment whose benefit will appreciate over the next decade as more reagents become available, thus this instrument should be considered as an investment in core research facilities within Boston College.

The flow cytometer is located in room 460. For general questions and/or to help setting up your experiment/cell sorting, please contact Patrick Autissier.