In the Human Neuroscience Lab we employ the Artinis wearable, Brite24 wireless fNIRS system which measures, stores and wirelessly transmits up to 27 channels of fNIRS signals from any region of the scalp. See below for further details:

  • Brite24 can be configured to measure 27 channels from any single large region of the head, or a smaller total number of channels can be measured from combinations of smaller regions as 2×12 channels, 2×10 + 2 short channels, or 4×4 + 2 short channels. The probes fit into a specially-designed full head-cap with 64+ optode positions to permit a great deal of flexibility of placement for the 10 transmitters and 8 receivers (we currently have 3 head caps ranging in size from small to large). 
  • The Brite24 system is combined with the PortaSync wireless device, which allows for the synchronization of different types of instrumentation and data. It can generate two signal levels, e.g. representing two types of events, that can be recorded in the fNIRS data file. 
  • OxySoft is the fNIRS software used to collect, store, view, and analyze all necessary data. It provides robust, and parallel, recording of multiple devices. OxySoft is customizable to individual requirements, and offers both real-time and online data visualization and analysis. In addition to the OxySoft software, the EMSE software suite is also used. It is a modular system which includes, among other modules, a Data Editor Module to analyze, filter, and transform time series data.


Here is a wonderful set of online lectures for all things fNIRS