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Facilities and Services

Boston College offers employees a range of facilities, services, and other resources aimed at providing opportunities for recreation, learning, and social interaction; and at promoting health and welfare. The following sections describe many of the resources available on campus for the convenience of Boston College employees.

Identification Cards

(This section last updated online: July 28, 2004)

New employees must obtain a Boston College identification card immediately after employment begins. Initial ID cards, as well as replacements for cards lost or stolen, are issued by the Student Services Office in Lyons Hall. The card (with a fee when applicable) must be presented for admittance to the Recreation Complex, for borrowing library materials, for cashing personal checks, and for receiving discounts on various goods and services offered on campus.

Spouses of employees may also obtain an ID card at the Student Services Office. Both the employee and spouse should go to Lyons Hall and present the employee's ID together with the spouse's driver's license and a copy of the marriage certificate.


Visit the official webpage of the Boston College Eagles at

Tickets to Athletic Events

Employees may purchase tickets to home football, basketball, and hockey games at a discount. For more information, employees should contact the Athletic Office at (617) 552-3000.

Flynn Recreation Complex

(This section last updated online: June 16, 2015)

Campus Recreation facilities and programs are available to all Boston College employees. Employees may use both the Flynn Recreation Complex and Quonset Hut (satellite facility on Newton Campus) by either purchasing a membership or paying for a day pass. Memberships can be purchased annually, each semester, monthly, or for the summer. Spouses of employees may purchase individual memberships for any period by presenting their official Boston College spouse ID card. Family memberships are available only during the summer. Memberships processed at the beginning of the academic year can be paid through payroll deduction.

The Flynn Recreation Complex has a swimming pool; diving well; indoor and outdoor tennis courts; indoor track; 15,000 square foot fitness center with free weights, treadmills, TRX, stationary bikes, and more; racquetball and squash courts; free group fitness classes; basketball and volleyball courts; locker; showers; and an outdoor patio during the summer months. The Quonset Hut has basketball, ping pong, cardio and weight equipment, and group fitness classes.

Most insurance companies, including Harvard Pilgrim, offer a fitness reimbursement up to $150 per calendar year for health club membership dues. To learn more about Campus Recreation and its programs, visit Members can register for classes online at



Dining Services

Boston College Dining Services provides employees with a range of alternatives for dining on campus. On the Chestnut Hill Campus, these include Corcoran Commons, as well as dining rooms, cafeterias, and fast-food concessions located in McElroy Commons and in Lyons Hall. Dining facilities on the Newton Campus are located in Stuart House. A current listing of the various dining facilities, the types of menu served by each, and the hours of operation may be obtained from BCDS.


The Boston College Bookstores ( carry Boston College clothing and gifts, required texts, general books, educational materials, and various other items. The Chestnut Hill Campus Bookstore is located in McElroy Commons; the Newton Campus Bookstore is in Stuart House. The Bookstore also operates a mail-order business.


University employees receive a 20% discount on clothing, gifts, school supplies, stationery, and general books. A more complete statement of the operational policies and procedures of the Bookstore can be found in the Boston College Policies and Procedure Manual (5-310-001).

Technology Products at the BC Bookstore

The BC Bookstore sells computers, tablets and other technology products to all members of the Boston College community.  Computers can be serviced on campus by certified technicians in Hardware Repair (O’Neill 208 - 617-552-1911 (option 3) - Note that faculty and staff may download one copy of Microsoft Office and anti-virus software for home use for free from


Procurement Services

The Boston College Procurement Services department is responsible for procuring goods and services from external suppliers. Procurement Services provides extensive assistance to academic and administrative personnel in acquiring supplies and services for their individual departments. All orders and requisitions are processed electronically through the University's UBUY system. In addition, some of the suppliers of products and services to the University will extend special discounts and/or extra services to members of the Boston College community. For more information, employees are encouraged to call or visit Procurement Services at 129 Lake Street, third floor.


Credit Union

Boston College is an affiliated member of the Metro Credit Union's Metro@work banking program.  Metro serves any person or family member that works for Boston College.  As a full-service credit union, Metro offers all of the financial products and delivery innovations that you'd expect from a large financial institution.  Banking services include checking and savings accounts, Christmas and vacation clubs, Certificates of Deposit and Money Market accounts, IRA's and Investment Services, personal and auto loans, home mortgages and equity loans, travelers' checks, credit cards, and ATM cards. Employees are eligible to join the Credit Union at any time for the purpose of saving through payroll deductions. An initial deposit of $5 is required to open a new account.

For information or assistance, employees can visit or call (877) MY-METRO (877-696-3876).  Membership applications may also be obtained from the Benefits Office at 129 Lake Street, Room 140.

Banking Services

Automated teller machines which are part of the Bank of America system are located near the lower foyer of McElroy Commons, outside the main entrance to Walsh Hall, and on the first floor of Stuart House on the Newton Campus. These machines provide withdrawal, deposit, and transfer services.

Post Offices

A full-service U.S. Post Office is located on the second floor of McElroy Commons and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the academic year, and from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the summer months. The U.S. mail service on Newton Campus is located in Stuart House and is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Campus mail services are provided by the Campus Mail Rooms located next to the U.S. Post Office in McElroy Commons and in Stuart House on the Newton Campus.

Notaries Public

There are a number of individuals throughout the Boston College campus who have been commissioned as notaries public. Employees who need their signature officially witnessed may contact the Benefits Office or the HR Service Center at 129 Lake Street for a list of notaries' names and locations.

Technology Support

(This section last updated online: November 5, 2014)

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the BC community with a broad spectrum of services: general computing and technology support; specialized academic research support; and systems support, both University-wide and for individual departments. Learn more about ITS at

The Help Center is the initial point of contact for requests for technology assistance. All requests are tracked. Contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or to speak directly with a Help Center Specialist. If a problem requires on-site assistance, it is quickly routed to the appropriate Technology Consultant (TC). See Help Center support hours.

For technology self-help and tech alerts, go to


BCInfo & Agora Portal

BCInfo (, available on the Agora Portal login page, includes Boston College press releases, events, notices, and technology updates.

The Agora Portal ( provides access to a wide variety of information and services. Sign in to Agora Portal with your BC username and password. The information and services available to you in Agora Portal are based on your role (e.g., faculty, staff, or student) at Boston College. Through the Agora Portal, you can view paycheck information, search the BC Directory, change your password, and more.



Contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) to request a new phone for your department; move an existing phone; or to have your phone repaired. The Help Center can also assist with requesting Long Distance Access Codes (LDACs) for employees who must make work-related long distance phone calls.

Learn more about telephones and voicemail at



Boston College staff and students produce and distribute a variety of publications for the Boston College community. The following list describes some of the most widely circulated among these.

Boston College Chronicle

The University newspaper published biweekly during the academic year and once in the summer by the Office of Public Affairs. Each issue includes a list of jobs available at the University as well as a current calendar of campus events. The BC Chronicle is also available online.

Boston College Magazine

The alumni quarterly published by the Office of Publications and Print Marketing, and distributed without charge to alumni, faculty, staff and parents of undergraduate students. BC Magazine is also available online.

Communications Directory

A telephone/address directory of University personnel, published annually by the Department of Human Resources and Information Technology. It is also available online.

The Heights

An independent student newspaper published weekly during the academic year and available at various locations throughout the campus. The online version is available at

The Bylaws of the Trustees of Boston College and University Statutes

This publication contains the official bylaws and statutes of the University. Copies are available through the Office of the Academic Vice President.

Boston College Fact Book

An annual booklet of statistics and other useful information about Boston College. Published each January, it is also available in electronic form on InfoEagle, the Boston College campus-wide information system, and online at

Boston College Bulletins

These provide information on the programs, courses, faculty, and regulations of the University's various schools and colleges.

Boston College Policies and Procedures Manual

The official policies and procedures manual of the University; updated by regular supplements and available online.

Guide to Boston College Libraries

A pamphlet describing the collections, services, policies, and hours of the Boston College libraries; available at all campus libraries, or visit the BC Libraries web site.

Office of Marketing Communications

(This section last updated online: June 1, 2001)

The Office of Marketing Communications (OMC) provides marketing counsel and related editorial, photographic, and graphic design services to the Boston College community. The office assists all units of the University. Its major clients include Boston College Magazine, the Boston College Annual Report, the Boston College web site, development, alumni, and admissions across the University, and the Office of the President.

OMC is responsible for the application and maintenance of Boston College's graphic identity standards for both print and online publishing. Members of the University community are asked to employ these graphic standards across their print and online publications as appropriate. For more information on graphic standards for print projects, including templates for most publication styles, visit OMC's web site.

Boston College Police Department

The mission of the Boston College Police Department is to assure the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Department also works with University personnel and departments to protect their assets and strives to improve community life by providing crime prevention education. The BCPD offers the following services: crime prevention training, criminal investigation and detection, emergency medical response, traffic and parking control, safety escort services, and victim/witness support.

The BCPD, located in Maloney Hall, is fully operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and remains operational during major emergencies, including those involving loss of electrical power and telecommunications. The Police Department may be reached by telephone at (617) 552-4440. All telephone calls are recorded and are maintained for a minimum of 30 days.

Emergency Blue Light-Intercoms

Emergency intercoms, identified by blue lights, are located at various sites on campus, connecting the caller directly with the BCPD and enabling the Police to respond immediately to the scene of the call. A map designating the locations of the intercoms is provided upon request by the Police Department.

Personal Safety Escort

Upon request, the Police Department will provide an on-campus safety escort to transport employees safely to their vehicles following evening work hours or attendance at evening classes.

Campus Safety and Security Policies

Boston College complies with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990. The University disseminates annually its Campus Safety and Security Program to all faculty, staff, and students. Copies of the Program are available in the Office of the Academic Vice President. For full information, see the Boston College Policies and Procedures, Policy 5-350-200.

Safety Notices

In the interest of campus safety and security, Boston College will notify the University community of all crimes considered to pose a threat to its members that are perpetrated on the Boston College campus and reported to campus security authorities or local police agencies. Safety notifications will be disseminated in a manner that is timely, that aids the prevention of similar occurrences, and that protects the privacy of the victims of such incidents. In order to be easily recognizable, these notices are posted on a preprinted maroon-and-gold letterhead designed for this purpose.

The responsibility for issuing a Safety Notice resides with the Financial Vice President. The Notices are hand delivered by the Boston College Police to a designated person in each building on campus; this person disseminates them to each office within his/her building for posting. Safety Notices are also distributed through the University's centralized computing systems to users via systems bulletins, and via electronic mail to Information Technology Department contacts for further dissemination. They may also be placed on bulletin boards and in other public areas on campus.


(This section last updated online: Dec. 20, 2005)

Parking for employees is available on the Chestnut Hill, Newton, and Brighton Campuses. Faculty and staff at Boston College using a vehicle to come to the University are required to register their vehicle with the Office of Student Services and affix a valid parking permit to their vehicle. Several types of permits are available, with certain eligibility criteria for each. A monthly fee is charged for the parking permit and is deducted from the employee’s pay on a pre-tax basis.

Employees may purchase a reserved parking “R” permit, allowing them to park in certain reserved areas on campus. This option may be helpful to employees whose shifts oblige them to arrive at work at hours of the day when a parking space is especially difficult to find.

Parking is not permitted on campus overnight unless prior arrangements have been made with the Office of Transportation and Parking Services.

For complete information, including parking and traffic regulations, handicapped parking access, and appeals procedures, visit the Transportation and Parking Services web site.

Shuttle Service

Boston College operates a shuttle service that provides transportation from the Chestnut Hill Campus to Cleveland Circle and the Brighton neighborhoods, and from the Chestnut Hill Campus to the Newton Campus (Law School). The shuttle service on both routes operates Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., at 10-minute intervals; and Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., at 20-minute intervals. More specific information about the Boston College Shuttle Service may be obtained by calling the Housing Office at (617) 552-4711.

MBTA Pass Program

A pass program is available to employees who commute to work via MBTA on a regular basis. Based upon the specific route, frequency and type of travel involved, a choice of different monthly passes is offered. For other special offers, call the MBTA at (617) 222-5218.

MBTA passes are sold on a monthly or weekly basis. Employees who would like to order a semester pass can obtain information on the Transportation and Parking Services web site and order the pass they desire.

The Office of Transportation and Parking can be reached at 617-552-0151.

Children's Center

The Boston College Children's Center provides pre-school and extended daycare for up to 42 children between the ages of two years, nine months and five years. The program runs from September through June; a separate program extends through the summer months. Available spaces are divided proportionately among employee groups and graduate students. Parents pay tuition to meet the operational expenses of the Center; limited tuition subsidies are available to employees who meet income criteria established by the Children's Center. Information and applications are available from the Center.

The Center is located behind Haley House near the Chestnut Hill Campus. Additional information may be obtained directly from the Center, at (617) 552-3356, or from the Department of Human Resources.

Health Services

(This section last updated online: April 11, 2013)

Health services are provided on campus for all resident students and for other undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the student health plan. Employees may receive limited care for emergencies occurring on campus and for job-related illnesses and injuries. Information, referrals, and educational programs are also available.

University Health Services is located on the Chestnut Hill Campus in Cushing Hall and can be reached by calling 617-552-3225.

Services for the Disabled

Boston College has attempted to ensure that people with disabilities have access to all parts of the campus and the opportunity to participate in programs throughout the University.

An access map for people with disabilities is available from the Department of Human Resources at 129 Lake Street. The map is designed to aid persons with mobility impairments and contains information on elevator keys, dining facilities, and access routes. Special disabled parking permits are available from the Boston College Police Department, Maloney Hall, upon the approval of Health Services. For information on access to campus buildings or support services for the disabled, contact Disabled Student Services in Gasson Hall, (617) 552-3310.

Blood Bank

The Red Cross conducts periodic blood donor campaigns at Boston College. Notices are posted on campus to advertise the drives, which usually take place in September, February, and April. All faculty and staff are encouraged to donate.

The Red Cross will supply blood, when available, to anyone in need, free of charge. (The hospital may impose a charge for administering the blood, and there is a charge for blood testing.) Inquiries should be directed to University Housing, (617) 552-4724.

United Way

The annual United Way fund drive is the only University-supported, on-campus charity campaign. Contributions to the United Way support more than 200 health and human-service organizations in 81 local communities and provide services to more than 1.7 million people annually. All employees are encouraged to contribute and may elect to have their contributions deducted from their paychecks over an extended period of time. The campaign takes place in October and November, with payroll deductions taking effect the following January. For more information, contact the United Way of Massachusetts Bay or the annual chairperson for the Boston College United Way campaign.

Chaplain's Office

The office of the University Chaplain offers opportunities to members of the Boston College community to celebrate the religious dimensions of their lives in personally relevant ways. Catholic liturgical services are held at St. Ignatius Church and at chapels located throughout the campus. In addition, the chaplains are available to employees for consultation about personal problems and for ongoing spiritual direction. The chaplains' offices are found in McElroy Commons, in Gasson Hall, and in Lyons Hall. To obtain a list of the chaplains or to schedule an appointment, visit the Office of the Chaplain in McElroy Commons, Room 215, or call (617) 552-3475.

Ignatian Spirituality Programs

The Jesuit Community of Boston College offers faculty and staff various vehicles for deepening their spiritual lives. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Order, opened avenues to developing spirituality that, over the past four centuries, have helped men and women grow in their relationship to God and to arrive at clarity about the direction of their lives. Programs sponsored by the Boston College Jesuit Community include weekend retreats and individual spiritual counseling, as well as daily liturgies in St. Mary's Chapel. Further information is available through the Jesuit Community Office.


The University library system offers resources and services to support the teaching, research, and learning activities of Boston College faculty and students. All library facilities are also open to Boston College employees. The library system has six major components: the Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Library, which houses the bulk of the collections; the Bapst Library, with a collection of resources in art and art history, and undergraduate and graduate student study areas; the John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections; the Graduate School of Social Work Library; the Educational Resource Center; and the Law School Library.

The Library houses over 1,200,000 printed, catalogued volumes; two million microform units; over 100,000 government documents; and more than 15,000 audiovisual materials; as well as numerous periodicals and maps. Access to the collections is provided by an online catalog that may be searched from the public terminals in each library. The employee's identification card serves as a library card to be used for checking out books and other materials.

Additional library services and facilities available to the Boston College community are reference services, circulation and reserves, interlibrary loan, copy services, computer-assisted research, and media preview rooms. Boston College libraries provide extensive electronic access to information; a great number of indexes and data sources in many subject areas are available online.

For more information, including schedules of hours and a detailed list of services, employees may contact a reference librarian in any of the libraries listed above or visit the Boston College Libraries web site.

Career Center

The Career Center assists undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and Boston College employees in choosing careers, developing job seeking skills, and locating internships.

The Center offers individual counseling and workshops on self-assessment, researching career fields and employers, résumé and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies. A computerized career guidance system enables users to develop an inventory of skills and interests and produces printouts of appropriate career options. The Center also provides job vacancy listings and a credentials service, schedules videotaped practice interviews, presents Career Fairs, and coordinates an Alumni Career Network of more than 1,000 alumni who are available for informational interviews.

The campus recruiting program brings more than 250 business, non-profit, and government employers to the Center each year. In addition, the Career Resource Library houses books, files, and magazines concerning career fields and graduate schools, as well as videotapes of career presentations by alumni and employers.

The Center is located at 38 Commonwealth Avenue. In addition to its regular office hours — Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — the office is open Monday evenings until 7:30 p.m. during the academic year. Summer hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. A current calendar of career events is available each month in the Center; an advertisement of Career Center events also appears weekly in The Heights.

Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center provides information and educational programs on women's issues for both faculty and students. The Center maintains a lending library of approximately 2,000 volumes on women's issues on subjects ranging from philosophy and theology to literature and fine arts. It also holds subscriptions to a number of women's periodicals and scholarly journals. A referral file provides information on organizations and services available in the Boston area. These include health services, legal aid, and personal and career counseling. The Center also assists individuals and organizations in arranging programs on women's issues and sponsors lectures and presentations by various groups and speakers throughout the academic year.

The Women's Resource Center, located in McElroy Commons, is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cultural Events

Boston College sponsors a variety of cultural activities presented throughout the academic year and open to the entire Boston College community. Theater and dance events are held in the Robsham Theater Arts Center under the sponsorship of the Boston College Dramatics Society, the Dance Ensemble, and other organizations. The University Chorale performs a series of annual concerts, and the Music Department holds student and faculty recitals and other musical events at various intervals each semester.

As a part of the Boston College Humanities Series, writers and scholars are invited to present lectures and readings of their works. In addition, The Boston College Museum of Art, located in Devlin Hall on the Chestnut Hill Campus, mounts a series of art exhibitions throughout the calendar year. Notices about cultural activities appear in the Boston College Chronicle and in The Heights and are also advertised in individual fliers mailed directly to employees from the sponsoring organizations.

Museum Programs

Boston College holds a membership in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Through this membership, faculty and staff may obtain a limited number of passes throughout the year for free admission to the MFA. These passes may be borrowed at the circulation desk in the O'Neill Library and are to be returned there after the visit.


The University Chorale of Boston College, composed of over 150 men and women, performs on campus as well as in major cities in the United States and Europe. Their repertoire consists of classics from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries, including religious works.

All faculty, staff, and students of Boston College are invited to audition for the Chorale during the first week of classes each fall. Further information is available in the Chorale Office in Lyons Hall.


The Off-Campus Housing Office, located in Rubenstein Hall, serves as an information and referral center for employees, faculty, students, and alumni in need of local housing. Listings include individuals seeking roommates, landlords who have apartments or houses for rent or sale, and homeowners with rooms for rent. Detailed computer listings are updated daily and printed biweekly. You can obtain the listings by mail by calling (617) 552-3074, or you can pick them up in Rubenstein Hall.

Community Affairs

The Office of Community Affairs represents the University on community-related issues that have an impact at the local, city, and state levels. The office functions as a liaison to external sectors, including government entities and civic, community, and neighborhood organizations. Its goal is to promote University interests and to strengthen University–community relations.

University Advancement

University Advancement is responsible for securing gifts and grants from private sources for unrestricted purposes; or for specific University programs or projects such as building construction or renovation, equipment, endowment, student financial aid, faculty development programs, new academic programs, or improvements in existing programs. Sources include alumni, parents and friends, corporations, private foundations, and associations.

University policy requires that any fundraising done in the name of Boston College or any of its constituent parts must be under the aegis of University Advancement. All gifts and grants received must be processed though University Advancement and recorded in the appropriate gift or grant records system.

Staff Advisory Senate

The Staff Advisory Senate is composed of representatives of the office/clerical and service staff on campus. The Senate acts as a liaison between the administration and the staff, presenting proposals that would benefit the staff and communicating to the staff objectives and policies established by the University.

Dining Services Employee Council

The Dining Services Employee Council consists of representatives from each dining facility and acts as a liaison in communicating to the University administration issues of particular relevance to Dining Services employees.

Association of Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

The Association of Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrators of Boston College was formed to promote academic excellence and improvement in the quality of life of all Black people who live, work, or study in the University community. The group provides support to new Black faculty, staff, administrators, and students; presents views of the Black community on particular issues; and sponsors scholarly, cultural, and social events open to the entire University community.