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Kronos Time Approver Form Instructions

A Kronos Time Approver Form must be completed for all Boston College employees granted Manager access to the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper system.

The Time Approver Form is completed by the Department Head or budgetary responsible person.

Instructions for completing the Kronos Time Approver Form are available below.

Instructions for Completing the Kronos Time Approver Form

Department Name

Enter the Department Name.

Approver Name

Enter the Approver's first and last name.

Eagle ID #

Enter the Approver's 8-digit Eagle ID number.

Phone Ext.

Enter the Approver's office telephone extension.


Enter the Approver's username (login name).

Approver is Paid

Click the radio button to indicate whether the Approver is paid Monthly or Weekly.

Type of Kronos Access

Click the radio button to indicate what level of access the Approver should have:

  • Approval Access pertains to supervisors who verify the hours that are actually worked.
  • Sign Off and Approval Access provides final departmental authorization that the hours are to be paid.

Replacing Approver

Click the radio button to indicate whether this Approver is replacing a former Approver in your department.


If you selected Yes for Replacing Approver, enter the previous Approver's name.

Department Number(s)

Enter all department numbers that the Approver will be responsible for. Approval access is granted on the departmental level, not the account distribution level.


Use this section to list additional department numbers, if necessary, or to add comments.

Approver Signature

Approver's signature is required.


Print the date the Approver signed the form.

Dept. Head Signature

Department Head's signature is required.


Print the date the Department Head signed the form.