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Form I-9 Process

What is the Form I-9?

The 1986 Immigration and Reform Act sought to control the problem of illegal migration by eliminating a key incentive for unauthorized persons to come to the United States: employment. To accomplish this, IRCA made all US employers responsible to ensure that US citizen as well as non-citizen employees hired after November 6, 1986, document both that they are eligible to work in the United States and that their identities match the information on their employment authorization documents. To implement this, employers were required to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 for all employees.

Employers are responsible for the completion of Form I-9 for all employees, regardless of citizenship or national origin. An employee is any individual compensated for services to an employer, whether by payment in the form of wages/salary or in the form of goods or services such as food and lodging.

     Terms used within this document:

  • Employer = Boston College
  • BC Rep = Boston College staff member authorized to sign off on the Form I-9
  • Employee = New hire presenting identity and work eligibility information


Who is authorized to complete a Form I-9 for a new employee?

Boston College authorizes various non-student staff members involved in the hiring process to sign off on Form I-9s.


Section 1. Employee Information and Verification

Step 1
Employee must fill in all applicable personal information on the first three lines.

Step 2
Employee must check one of the three boxes attesting to work eligibility.
Information for BC Rep follows:
  • If the first box, "A citizen or national of the United States," is checked:
    No additional paperwork must be completed along with the Form I-9.
  • If the second box, "A Lawful Permanent Resident," is checked:
    (1) BC Rep must make a photocopy of the front and back of the Employee's green card, making sure that the dates are legible, and attach the copies to the Form I-9.
    (2) Employee must complete the Citizenship Information Form in addition to the Form I-9.
    (3) Both completed forms should be forwarded directly to Diane Cronin, the HRSC Foreign National Tax Specialist, in Room 100, 129 Lake Street.
  • If the third box, "An alien authorized to work until," is checked:
    Employee must bring completed Form I-9 personally to Diane Cronin, the Foreign National Tax Specialist in the HRSC, Room 100, 129 Lake Street, where additional paperwork will be processed.

Step 3
Employee must sign and date the Form I-9.

Step 4
BC Rep must verify that all information has been fully and properly completed in this section.

Section 2. Employer Review and Verification


Step 1
BC Rep must personally review original document(s) that demonstrate the Employee's identity and eligibility to work in the US.
  • A list of acceptable documents (please scroll to page 3 of the Form I-9 document to view the list) is available with the Form I-9.
  • A person can present one document from List A (which establishes both identity and employment eligibility) or
    one document from List B (which establishes identity) and one document from List C (which establishes employment eligibility).
  • BC Rep may not accept a photocopy of a document. Employee must present original documents. The only exception is the presentation of a certified copy of a birth certificate.

Step 2
BC Rep must record the Document title, Issuing authority, Document # and Expiration date (if any) of the document(s).

  • The law does not require the Employer to keep photocopies of any documents.

Step 3
BC Rep must fill in the date of hire in the Certification block.

Step 4
BC Rep must sign, print name, title, organization name (Boston College) and address, and date the Form I-9.


Forward the completed Form I-9 (along with Citizenship Information Form, if applicable) to the Human Resources Service Center in Room 100, 129 Lake Street.