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Job Fair Evaluation

Thank you for participating in today's job fair. Please help us continue to improve our job fairs by completing this questionnaire.

  Question: Please circle your response.
1) Did you feel welcome? Yes    Somewhat    No
2) Did you wait longer than expected? Yes    Somewhat    No
3) Is this your first application to Boston College? Yes    No
4) For what type of position are you searching? ____________________________________
5) How did you find out about today's event? Job opportunities posting
    BC website
    Human Resources staff
    BC employee
    Boston Herald
    Boston Globe
    Online bulletin board/user group
    Other ______________________
6) Did you understand the purpose of today's
event before your visit?
Yes    No
7) Did you meet with a staff person? Yes    No
8) If yes, did the meeting help you understand
the application process at Boston College?
Yes    Somewhat    No
9) Did you have the opportunity to ask questions? Yes    No
10) Was the entire process helpful? Yes    No
11) How could this process be improved? _________________________________________


12) Would you recommend this event to others? Yes    No

We hope that this event has been helpful as you consider Boston College as a place to continue your professional success.