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Important Notes

for potential full-time hires for boston college dining services

Front Desk/Registration Area

  • Sign/banner at the front.
  • If possible, explain to applicants that we are looking for a variety of regular and temporary positions.
  • Sign in and log ID number.
  • Give application to applicant; be sure to include the second page.
  • Offer coffee to applicant.
  • Allow applicant to ask for assistance if he/she needs help with the application.
  • Instruct applicant to return the application to the front desk after completing it.

After Completing Application

  • Applicant returns to the front desk, and a staff person reviews application to ensure it is complete. Make sure the application is complete before the applicant is interviewed.
  • Staff person fills in referral sheet.
  • Determine what schedule the person is available for.
  • Prescreen application for job skills.
  • Reviewing the open-slot list, determine which BCDS Supervisor/Manager should conduct the first interview.

Interview Process

  • Introduce the applicant to the appropriate BCDS Supervisor/Manager.
  • After completing the interview, indicate to the applicant that they should wait by the front-desk area.
  • Manager completes resume referral sheet and returns it to the front desk.
  • If appropriate, the BCDS Supervisor will refer the applicant for a second interview with a Senior BCDS Manager (production manager, general manager).
  • If appropriate, the BCDS Senior Manager will refer the applicant for a third interview with an HR representative.
  • If appropriate, HR representative schedules applicant for Health Screening and offers campus map with directions.

Open Temporary Positions

  • Temporary positions are not benefit-eligible.
  • Temporary assignments may include split shifts rather than traditional shifts.
  • Temporary assignments may include evening and weekend shifts.
  • Future positions will be recruited from the temporary positions.
  • Temporary assignments are not guarantees of future employment.