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Boston College Interview Process

Types of Interviews

Search Committees

Some positions may require a committee interview process including more than three interviewers.

Single Interviewer

Some require only a single interviewer.

HR Interview

All finalists must interview with a member of the Human Resources staff before the recruitment process can be finalized. This interview will allow for an exchange of information that may not have been covered during a previous interview.

Time Frame

The interview process varies according to the position.

How will I know my status after the interview?

A candidate will learn of his/her final status from either the Human Resources Department or the hiring department once interviews are completed. Due to high volume for each position, not all applicants will receive notification.

Whom may I contact?

A candidate who has been interviewed or an applicant inquiring about his/her status may contact the Human Resources Department at (617) 552-3330 for further information.

For information on current job openings at Boston College, please view the Job Opportunities page.