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Hiring Instructions for Managers

Initiating the Recruitment/Hiring Process


Job opportunities at Boston College that are administrative or research-oriented in nature are posted on the MAJC  website. This excludes Faculty and Student positions. Professional and administrative positions are posted for a period of at least four weeks, and office/clerical and service positions for a period of at least two weeks. For existing positions, BC managers must create a new job requisition to post a vacancy on the Management/Applicant Job Center by following the steps in the MAJC Documentation on the HR Manager website. New positions can be posted to MAJC following an approval process outlined below under "New Position Requests."


Steps to follow for an existing position that has been vacated

Submit an Employee Change Request Form (ECR) to terminate or transfer the incumbent employee. Instructions and Action Reasons for completing the ECR are available as MS Word documents. The signed ECR should be submitted to the Department of Human Resources, 129 Lake Street, and must list the Effective Date, Action, and Reason that the position is being vacated. If it is a termination, a resignation letter from the employee should be submitted with the ECR.

The recruitment process for the position cannot begin until the ECR is received. Please note that changes to the position such as title, level, or job content require the approval of Compensation before proceeding to the next step. The position change process can be initiated by contacting Compensation at (617) 552-3183.


Creating a New Job Requisition Request

Once the ECR is on file, a job requisition can be created to begin the process. The job requisition request is submitted via MAJC.  Access MAJC by logging in to Agora, which requires using your username and password.  Select Management/Applicant Job Center (MAJC) from My Services > Human Resources section.

Follow the instructions located under the Manager section of the HR website.

New Position Requests

For newly created positions, a Role Description must be filled out and submitted for classification to the Compensation area of the Department of Human Resources. Following classification, a Create Position Form must be completed and submitted with the Role Description to the appropriate offices for approval.

Note: For restricted funded positions (ledgers 5, 6, 9), a Create Position Form must also be filled out. If the role is Administrative in nature, a Role Description must be completed as well and submitted to Compensation. If the position is Research-oriented in nature, a Create Position Form should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs, Lower Administrative Building. Once the Create Position Form has received all the appropriate approvals, an email will be sent to you from the Position Administrator, informing you of the new position number.

Once a new position has been approved, please follow the steps under "Creating a New Job Requisition" above.