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Hourly Student Hiring:
PeopleSoft HR Change Student Hire

The Change Student Hire feature allows managers to update payroll information for students who have already been hired and processed in PeopleSoft HR.

Change Student Hire Find an Existing Value
Field Description
Job Request Number/



Enter the student Eagle ID number OR

Enter other field value(s) to display a list meeting the search criteria.
Search Click the "Search" button to proceed.


Change Student Hire
Current student payroll information is displayed in the "Old Values" column. Enter any necessary updates to the payroll information in the "New Values" column. Updates saved will be directed to the HRSC Representatives for processing.
Field Description
Hourly Rate Student's hourly pay rate for the position.
HR Account Code Account Code from which the student is being paid.
Start Date The begin date of the student's employment period.
End Date The end date of the student's employment period.
Total Hours for Week The student's total number of hours allotted to work per week.
Save After reviewing information entered, click the "Save" button to save the change(s) and submit to the HRSC for processing.
Return to Search Click the "Return to Search" button to return to the Find an Existing Value page to select a different student to change.